Choosing A Domain Name

After we have set up and configured the website, it would be a good idea to publish it using specific domain name. It should be targeted for an audience who believe on what we are offering. Domain name is like our own name, it adds an identity to our website and in some cases, could provide a quick description; although it’s may not be the case with Google and Yahoo. Like when choosing names for our business, domain names should be short enough, so people can remember them. However, many short names are already taken and purchasing one can be prohibitively expensive. It is more likely that our domain names will be consisted of two or more words. Even so, we should make sure that our domain names are easy to remember and it should sound like what it’s written. It is a bad idea to use names that people find it hard to spell. There are many cases where people fail or take a long time to visit our main page , because they don’t know how the domain name is spelled. The name should stand out really well among others. In this case, we should make sure that we have real domain names.

Domain names with two words or more shouldn’t be too expensive and we could pick up a dot com domain name for approximately $50 for two years. Less popular domains like dot uk are usually much cheaper and we would more likely obtain shorter domain names. Google Adwords is a popular marketing platform and it should help us determine a good domain name. It should be very easy to use and we would know what keywords people often use in different topics. For example, used car dealers could look for names that people typically use in different regions when they are looking for used cars. Each keyword can be sorted based on their search volume and it will be preferable to choose the most popular keywords. However, it is very likely that popular domain names are already taken. Alternatively, we could add one more keyword to further describe our website or business, such as the name of the region or specific car model. By choosing the right domain names, we shouldn’t get lost in so many results and we will get much better exposure.

With proper keywords, it is quite likely that we would get into the first pages of any result, because people are looking for specific keywords. In fact, studies show that using popular keywords, even if they are followed by additional keywords can increase traffic by up to 30 percent in the long run. When people could see what our website is all about by only reading its URL, it is more likely that they will click it, if they are interested. It is clear that keywords are essential. By using keywords like UsedCarsBirmingham or CleaningServicesChicago, people would know what our businesses are.