Choose Right Mobile Accessories by Functional Categories

Choose Right Mobile Accessories by Functional Categories

Smart phones can be more useful if its functionality can be enhanced with accessories. There are tons of mobile phones accessories available in the market. Choosing the right mobile accessories to be productive would be easy, if all accessories are categorized by functionality and you understand the functionality of each category. Based on your needs, you can choose right categories and buy accessories from those categories.  In order to prevent wastage, the key here is to come up with list of categories based on what you do or activities that you are involved in. If you do not have smart phone, view latest mobile phone deals and buy one.

There are several ways mobile accessories can be categorized. But categorizing mobile accessories by functionality is useful and makes it easy to choose right accessories.  Below is the list of mobile phone accessories categories by functionality.

  • Charging

Default charger is good enough if you don’t travel, travel only short distances or don’t use phone while in transit.  The only item you may need is socket adapter in case you travel to different parts of the world.  If you travel to places where there is no access to power socket, you need power bank or extra battery. As name suggests they store power for later use to charge your phone.  If you don’t like cable charger, you can go for charging pads and charging receivers. Charging pads and charging receivers work together to charge phones wirelessly. Latest phone come with charge receivers, so you only need to buy charging pads.

  • Device Protection 

To protect mobile phones from scratches and drops, you need to buy cases & covers and screen protectors. Covers give more grips to your mobile phone.  Mobile body panels helps in protecting your phone from accidental dents & breakage.  Mobile holders let you hands free to watch videos in car as passenger and to take call hands free with headsets.

  • Audio & Display 

To listen to music on the phone, you need head phones or head sets. If headset has micro phone, you can make and receive phone calls.  Since cell phones emit radio frequency energy and it may pose health risks, but right wired headset protects you from this radiation.  If you need to take call while multitasking, you need a Bluetooth headset.  If you are music lover and want to hear lossless audio or high quality music, a headphone amplifier is the right choice for you. It lets you hear your music more clearly. You can watch movies on the go clearly with phone screen expanders.  Phone screen can be magnified three times using screen expanders.

  • Photos

Selfie sticks are extremely easy to use and let you capture all your special moments.  If you are interested in photography, you can make your smart phone as camera to capture beautiful picture with mobile phone lens. To improve the quality of pictures, you can even go for mobile flashes.  You can control phone camera using Bluetooth remote controller and using camera 360 app you can take great self portraits.

  • Storage

You can expand the storage capacity of your smart phone with memory card so you can download your favorite tunes & videos and store on your phone. On the go pen-drive with micro USB can be useful to transfer file between computer and phone or to back up files stored on smart phone.