Chimney Sweep Training – What Do They Need To Know?

Chimney Sweeps Training Centre in Derbyshire

To Put it Bluntly: you Name it.

They need to know how and what to check to make sure a chimney is efficient and safe. They need to know how to clean a corkscrew chimney flue. They need to know how to seal off the fireplace properly so that they don’t send a thick film of soot and grit all over a clients’ furnishings. They certainly need to know how to cope in homes with white carpets.

They need to know the appliances, too. A lot of chimney sweep firms offer wood burning stove and other appliance installation, and engineers need to know how to install and maintain these. They need to be up to speed on the latest regulations so they can sign off on their own work.

At the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps we use a purpose-built training centre in Derbyshire called the Sure Fire Centre. Here Guild members learn about sweeping and maintaining flues for all solid fuel appliance types. They are also taken through various other techniques, such as CCTV flue examinations, pressure testing and, most importantly, working at heights.

Rooftops are dangerous. Wet, moss, frost – all make for hazardous working conditions. Many sweeps have been seriously injured and some have even died falling from roofs. Others have been electrocuted by power cables.

This is why it’s important for a chimney sweep to be accredited and a member of organizations like the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.  This ensures they have received the correct training and can work safely on your property.

If you want to make sure you hire a chimney sweep who is a member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps then visit our website. You can read more about our training programme and find a local sweep from our list of members:

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