Chandigarh, Your Ultimate Destination For Partying and Celebrations

Chandigarh is well known for its flamboyant nature. A recent addition to the flamboyance of the city is its happening nightlife. This vacation head to the city and make sure you checkout its happening clubs.

Chandigarh, as union domain and serve as the capital of Haryana and Punjab both. It is colorful city, where individuals cherishes fun, sports, adventure, party, festivals, and extraordinary and unique parties with loud music and premium alcohol, till late night until they get drained. Thanks to this the city is well known as a standout amongst the most happening spots in India not just in days but also till the wee hours at night. The youthful students and professionals are in true terms the heartbeat of Chandigarh dance club and discotheques. The fervorous nightlife is rapidly gaining prominence and one of the chief attractions that lure the rising number of backpackers to the city. So, individuals who wish to explore this emerging facet of the city and the other allures, it is advisable to promptly book the next flight from the nearest airport, say Mumbai to Chandigarh flights, Bangalore to Chandigarh flights, etc. Doing so, will not only get you the tickets easily but also at cheaper rates.

While you are on a tour of the city, it is obvious that visiting the top places of interest is the first thing to do. Once you do that, it is ideal to take some time out and check out one of the popular nightclubs in the city. Make sure, you take some rest after you complete your tour, as the mood and the environment at the clubs are simply restless. The city’s different bars and parlors host parties each weekend based on different themes. The parties are typically stick pressed and attracts large group from different parts of the city.

New changes in the life in Chandigarh, has additionally brought a cheer among young girls or women, who can be seen having a great time in bars with companions, loosening up after a long-tiring day. With the bars getting well known here, their proprietors are in no state of mind to extra any conceivable push to intrigue women clients. One can see a great deal of youth getting to be normal tipplers at the pubs and bars.

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The best thing about Chandigarh nightlife is, young ladies likewise shape a decent crowd like young men till late night in bars and discos like the bars in Bangalore, Mumbai and other metro urban communities. So you don’t have to stress over in the event that you are a young women or running with any companion to appreciate the party. Chandigarh nightout is for everybody, young men, young women, professional, students; youthful and old, all comes and hop together on dance floor with alcohol and beer glass with electro-blend Punjabi tunes.

2 Highly Popular Nightclubs and Bars

1. Gymkhana Pub and Bar

Gymkhana Pub and Bar is a well-known name among the consistent bar goers in the city. This bar also goes as an eatery. An advantage that this bar has is that it is close to the city centre. One can appreciate live dance groups alongside their most loved beverage.

2. Blue Ice

This spot is highly popular amongst party lovers and stays open till 11 at night. It is a perfect place to party as the crowd is well mannered , who wish to taste their sips in a quiet ambience and relax and dispose off every one of their stresses. Blue Ice also serves yummy mainland, North Indian and Chinese dishes.