Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioner – Which One Is Better For Your Room?

Ceiling Fan or Air Conditioner - Which One Is Better For Your Room?

The debate between an air conditioner and a ceiling fan is not new at all. This is may be the most asked question by people when they start decorating their new room. During summer this topic becomes more frequent. There are some basic differences in both the appliances. The function of this two is not same. Still, the people tend to make it the same old topic for debate. There is no thumb rule for this topic that air conditioner is not good or bad. But choices of every family is different and the requirement for the room also varies widely. Both of the appliances have pros and cons which can be compared and then you choose according to your need.

Pros and Cons of Air Conditioner:

An air conditioner is of many types and has a very effective result on cooling a room. It has come into the lives of human beings 100 years ago and since then doing its job pretty effectively. It can effectively cool one room or a whole house. It has the capability to make a room cooler than the other. The availability of air conditioner and ceiling fans online india are huge. It is available in every appliance store.

The pros of an air conditioner are –

  • It can cool a room or a whole house very effectively and there is no doubt about that.
  • The mechanism of the air conditioner is to cool a space and not to cool a body. When the temperature of a place is low, you will feel cold automatically.
  • It generally works faster than a ceiling fan and space stays cool for a long time.

The cons of the air conditioner are –

  • The running cost of the air conditioner is very high and it uses heavy power.
  • It should be maintained regularly in order to keep the filters and the blades clean. The maintenance cost is very high than a ceiling fan.
  • It cannot really work in an open space. It needs a closed room to cool down that space.
  • It can break easily and to fix it can be a big hassle and waste of money.

Pros and Cons of Ceiling Fan:

Ceiling fans are a part of our daily life now. We cannot imagine a day in summer without it.

The pros of a ceiling fan –

  • It does not need a closed space to work.
  • It will not break easily and also do not need any maintenance.
  • The running cost of a ceiling fan is much lower than an air conditioner. Even if you buy top stylish ceiling fans online it won’t cost much.

The cons of a ceiling fan –

  • It cannot cool down space. It blows air in the room and indirectly cools down the body.
  • It cannot reach every corner of a room. In order to feel it’s effect, you need stand just below it.
  • It cannot control the temperature.