Careful Evaluation Of A Contractor’s Work Essential To Build Your Dream Home

Careful Evaluation Of A Contractor's Work Essential To Build Your Dream Home

People spend of good deal of their time and money in reconstructing their homes. But often, despite having the best intentions and plans, the quality of construction fails to meet their expectations. If you intend to give your home a makeover, then you need to choose a contractor with utmost care. Here are some of the following areas that you need to pay attention to, so as to build a dream home:-

Check the Track Record of the Contractor

The contractor whom you approach should have a record of building high quality residential properties. Therefore, it is essential for you to visit a number of completed projects which have been handled by the contractors. Compare the quality of housing projects which he has completed recently with the ones he did a few years ago. Also assess his present projects. This will give you a clear idea about the quality of work as well as construction. Property owners who have delat with contractor in the past can give you valuable information in this regard.

Verify whether the Contractor has an Insurance Coverage or not

Find out whether the contractor has an insurance coverage for your project or not. You can take the help of a state regulatory agency to check the list of complaints against the contractor. Your main aim should be to hire a building contractor with the license to handle housing projects.

Go for a Face to Face Interaction with the Contractor

Make it a point to conduct an interview of contractor. Ask him questions related to existing labor and building material rates, scheduled time of completion etc. Find out whether he has constructed a home similar to yours or not. Collect references about material suppliers, so thjat he doesn’t use items of inferior grade for construction.

Consult a Number of Contractors

Get in touch with at least three contractors and acquire quotations from them. Review their quality of work, price and time of completion. Hiring someone who offers the lowest price may not be a wise idea. So, it would be wise on your part to check the quality of his work.

Collect Details About Contractor’s Business Reputation

Get in touch with suppliers and find out about his market reputation. Find out whether he has a credit account setup with suppliers of building materials or not. In case he doesn’t have one, there should be a genuine reason behind it. He may be undergoing a financial crunch or he may have just started out on his own.

Sign a Contract as Part of the Agreement

This is the last but the most important part of the deal. Once you have details related to quotations from a number of contractors in your hand, compare their quality of work, rate, time taken for project completion and construction skills. A written contract should include all terms and conditions of the agreement. Don’t go for a verbal agreement, and go through all points mentioned in the document to ensure that all your concerns are addressed to.

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