Can A Dentist Fix Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth can make it hard to smile. They can also be serious enough to cause you health problems, adding to the odds of tooth decay. Having wide gaps and crooked teeth allow more food particles to travel between the teeth and get stuck. The bacteria that grows can cause tooth decay and lead to gum disease. The social shyness from having teeth that are less than perfect can lead to feelings of low self-esteem. Maybe it is time to seek orthodontic help for the problem.

Problems Associated With Seriously Crooked or Buck Teeth

Having a nice, perfect smile is great, but not everyone is fortunate enough to experience this. Teeth can grow in at odd angles, many times due to overcrowding and having too many teeth for your size mouth. Accidents and injuries can also result in teeth not being in their proper positions. These can all lead to early tooth decay, serious gum disease or trouble speaking properly. An orthodontist can correct what is wrong.

Closing Large Gaps Between Teeth

Large empty spaces and gaps between teeth are noticeable. There is no use in trying to hide that something is not quite right. It allows for more food to get trapped between teeth than in the normal mouth. Closing the gaps is a slow process that will leave your smile looking better than ever.

Cosmetic Teeth Straightening

6-month cosmetic teeth straightening has become increasingly popular. The use of an invisible brace and short length of time make it a very attractive option for straightening teeth that are just slightly off. The small investment in cost and time are worth it every time you flash your new perfect smile.

A Straighter, Brighter Smile Through Good Orthodontic Care

The need to seek ongoing orthodontic and dentist care is never more apparent than at times you truly need service. Keeping that smile perfect will require a commitment of good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Getting the perfect and straight smile is an accomplishment if you suffer from seriously crooked teeth or large gaps. Do not let all the hard work fall by the wayside. Start and keep up with the routine maintenance and cleaning of your new smile.

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