Buyers Guide – How To Select The Best Artificial Grass For Your Garden

Artificial grass is worth considering for people, who are busy or hate mowing or have rowdy dogs and kids. Cheap grass looks similar to real green lush. Synthetic lawn does not need time-consuming and tedious activities like cutting, weeding, edging or scarifying, but there will be a need to rake or blow autumn leaves off and hose animal droppings or dirt. Those parts of lawn in the shade can possibly attract moss, which can be controlled using moss killer.

Buyers Guide for Artificial Grass

Before purchasing –

  • Request for free samples
  • Check the guarantee period
  • Compare quotes using square-meter cost
  • Ask about delivery charges
  • If you are DIY fanatic ask if supply-only deal is available

High quality artificial grass must include

  • Good imitation that competes natural grass
  • Non-abrasive and soft texture
  • High grass blade thickness
  • A porous latex backing that supports drainage well

Research before requesting installation service

  • Go through their current lawn installation portfolio
  • If they have performed corporate installation then it is a guarantee that the supplier team is experienced
  • If possible visit the suppliers showroom
  • Ask the suppliers what kind of infill they use (rubber, sand or high-quality non-infill surfaces
  • Find out if there is any extra cost for ground preparation and leveling
  • A good supplier will provide the cost break-down (artificial grass cost and installation cost)
  • Gain knowledge about fake grass installation to find out what works best

Selecting fake grass for the lawn

After you seek out a good artificial grass supplier, you will have to select which product to use in your lawn. Selection of artificial lawn will depend on several factors like –

  • Usage of garden (for relaxing or playing sports)
  • Who uses the garden (children or pets)
  • Look and feel preferred
  • Budget

Florida artificial grass at affordable price is available in multi-tone or single colors. It varies in density and pile heights. Dense, multi-toned and long piled grasses are extremely expensive. However, there are inexpensive ones like two tone and short pile & monotone, which can suit your needs.

Economy lawns

  • Price is generally half than the premium product
  • Compact grass is excellent for games because roll and bounce of ball is better
  • Best option for extreme traffic areas like dog runs because grass is less probable to bend
  • Easy to clean because it has more rigid surface
  • Ideal flooring for home driveways (car can be parked on synthetic grass)

Mid-range lawns

  • More soft than economy lawns
  • It is coated with silicone
  • From a distance fake lawns look real

Premium lawns

  • Pile heights are long (30mm/blade) making it child friendly surface
  • Looks real even from short distance

Underlay options

  • For poor sub-base or uneven surface padding the grass is a cheap option. It provides safety, stability and comfort without much groundwork.
  • For creating extra safety flooring around climbing frames and trampolines (child security) the suppliers, use underlay pads, which can meet crucial fall heights up to 3 meters.
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