Burned??? Try These Natural Home Remedies

It is very sad to hear someone got minor burned injuries, we often feel the itching sensation in the burned areas. Now, people commonly using the cool gels and ointments for the burned skin, but in earlier our forefather days they applied homemade remedies which work perfectly to reduce the pain and wound of burn. These are very effective in their way and supported by the scientific support. Home remedies are always helpful without any side effects, if any child got minor burned injuries like hot oil falling injuries or hot water injuries we can see their pain and tears in themselves. So, applying home remedies in first will reduce the damage and gives some relief to the wounds. Remember these remedies next time when someone got burn injuries in the kitchen.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera used in many types of treatments, and used in burned injuries also. The best thing about the aloe Vera is, it’s got the cool and soothing feel in its gel with more wound treating properties. The soothing and cool features of aloe Vera allow the injured person to feel free from the pain and the rejuvenating properties will help burn skin. The fresh aloe Vera gel will help the recovery from the wound and creates a better skin replacing with new rejuvenating skin.


Vanilla is famous flavors around the world for its taste, it also helps in healing the minor injuries. It will reduce the burned feeling, you have applied the vanilla extract with a pure cotton on the wound. It will evaporate the alcohol content and creates cool in the area which will reduce the pain feeling.

Raw Potato

The anti-irritating properties of raw potato will reduce the irritating and burning sensation around the wound. It reduces chances of blisters by alleviating the pain. Cut a slice of raw potato and place it on the wound, gently rub it in. Make sure the juice from a slice of potato fall on the wounded area.


This is the most common homemade remedy used still to the date, it has the properties of regenerating the fresh skin at wounded region. It reduces the scarring and will help us with its+ antiseptic properties for quick heading from the wound.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a super home remedy for applying to burn wounds. It has a vitamin E, which heals the burned skin. This oil contains the fatty acids, which stops the growth of the fungus and bacteria around the wounded space. Add little amount of lemon juice in the oil, to reduce the scar marks if burned areas.

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