British Meat Dishes That India Should Try

British Meat Dishes That India Should Try

Meat is one of the primary dietary supplements in a majority of the United Kingdom. The meat dishes all over Britain are varied in terms of the recipe as well as the way that they are made. The food in Britain has almost every type of meat, but we will focus on the ones that employ lamb, chicken and fish to bring you a list of the best. Here at Licious, the online meat shop, one will be able to get their meat delivered right to their doorstep.

Chicken Pie

Chicken pie is one of the more famous and common chicken dishes that are consumed in the United Kingdom. Pies are generally made by mincing pieces of chicken finely and coating them with light spices and oil before placing them inside a stuffed crust. They are absolutely delicious and should be tried out by anybody who is looking to host a Sunday brunch. The dish is easy to make and is very much uncomplicated in its presentation. Buy your meat at Licious and you can start on your cooking right away.

Fish and Chips

Probably the most famous dish to come out of Britain is fish and chips. The dish consists of frying fish fillets with oil and a few other spices before dishing it up with some malt vinegar and tartar sauce. This, in addition to thick chips of potato, make it an excellent dining option. You can get your English cooking skills going when you shop meat online with Licious.

Lamb Racks

Lamb plays a very important role in British cuisine and the lamb rack is one of those dishes that almost any British cook knows how to make. The dish consists of one rack of lamb spiced with classic British mildness and then grilled perfectly before being served up with sauce. You can order fresh meat online with Licious and get them delivered right to your doorstep in 90 minutes!