Bring A New Level Of Health To Your Diet

Bring A New Level Of Health To Your Diet

Take a moment to consider all of the food options available to you right now in this modern age of cuisine and fast food. No matter which direction you follow, some new food creation has hit the market and taken it over by storm. In the vegetarian world, such breakthroughs are especially important, as protein is an important part of a healthy diet. Whether you wish to reduce your processed meat intake or need to add a protein option to your vegetarian meal without the worry of lost flavour, there are amazing new products available right now. Your health is important, but so is the money you spend to keep it up to par. Until now, healthier choices were more expensive than every day, processed meats and fast food options. That is no longer true, and in fact never was true to begin with. For a meat lover recently turned vegetarian, it can be difficult to decide which proteins to replace your meats with, but now your options need not change the way you enjoy your meals. Consider the benefits of meat alternatives and remember that a meatless meal is in no way less delicious than one with meat.

Increase Nutrition

Nutrients and vitamins are found in almost everything you eat, with the exception of candy and sugary sodas. In order to perform essential functions and keep fit, protein is extremely important to the human diet. Today, meats are more and more processed, and you never know exactly what you place in your body when you take a bite. Rather than worry about the unnatural process that brought your chicken or beef to your plate, consider instead Mycoprotein as an alternative. This protein option is nutritional, easily digested, and is meat free. It is also low in saturated fat and high in fibre. From the very first bite your body can receive everything it needs and more without a single bite of actual meat. Mycoprotein was created and utilised to create products with the taste, look, and texture of all the meats you love. This is especially useful for a new vegan or vegetarian, as it can be difficult to let your favourite meats go. Take a moment for yourself and research videos such as Quorn Foods USA YouTube in order to really get an idea as to what this amazing alternative has to offer.

What is Mycoprotein

Arm yourself with knowledge as you take your first steps into a healthier lifestyle. Mycoprotein started life as a natural type of fungus, called Fusarium venenatum, and it is produced via fermentation. The fungi were placed in a vat where they were fed glucose, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, vitamins, and various minerals. These are in order to allow the fungi to grow under a constant temperature. Once matured and of the proper size, egg and seasoning are added, the mixture is cooked, and then it is frozen. Why fungi? Like that used to create cheese or yogurt, many fungi are extremely good for you and give your body essential nutrients.