Brazilian JIU-JITSU GI Vs Karate GI

Brazilian JIU-JITSU GI or BJJ GI is very much different from a Karate GI. There are few major reasons why we don’t ever use a karate GI in JIU-JITSU. Karate Gi is made for specifically for karate and is not that flexible enough while BJJ Gi is little stretchable as JIU-JITSU involves grappling and ground fighting. Moreover, in Brazilian JIU-JITSU you must a GI that can withstand the demand. There are lots of people who like hard training and if you are one of those then you may suffer ripped BJJ GI, split pants or ripped sleeves because these things may happen with your GI while hardcore training.

You must understand that Karate Gis and Tae Kwan Do Gis are totally different from JIU-JITSU Gis so please don’t mix them up. Karate Gis and Tae Kwan Do Gis are specific for that sport. In Karate, your opponent won’t grab or pull your gi because there is no such rule. But in JIU-JITSU your opponent may grab or pull your gi to let you down and in this reinforcement, your gi may get damaged. The Gis of Karate is usually thin as there are so such hard or ground moves. If there were to be lots of grabbing and extreme moves than the Gis would be durable but this is not the case with this sport.

A Brazilian JIU-JITSU is specifically designed for grappling and ground fighting and withstand with pulling and grappling which is a part of this game. Another thing about a BJJ GI is the variety of unique style, color, and design. Although a traditional BJJ GI comes in white a blue color, there are lots more which attract newbies a lot.

Things to Consider While Buying A BJJ Gi:

Frequency of training

Weave plays an important role when you are buying a JIU-JITSU Gi for you; there are various types of weaves which can be best for you. But you need to decide what kind of weave fits your need. Furthermore, there is another thing to consider is how often are you planning to practice?

Frequency of training is a key and you should be aware of it before choosing a Gi. If you are practicing once in a week, then buying an inexpensive would not be a problem at all. However, if you are practicing for global competition for which you need constant practice, then you would need a durable gi and of course, it will be expensive for sure.

An alternative to this is that you can buy two or three different GIs and cycle them through your routine. This allows you to buy inexpensive GIs as the effects of wear and tear are stretched to different GIs.

It also helps to buy multiple GIs as you can put one in the laundry and wear the clean one not being bound to just one option.

Perfect Fitting

Another major aspect which you need to consider with you BJJ Gi is fitting. Fitting is important too because it does not only make you comfortable and boost up your confidence as well. According to the professional combatant, a perfect Gi can give you motivation and confidence to give your best in the playing field.

Fitting is a personal choice, some people like fitted Gi whereas there are a lot who just like to wear baggy gi because they feel comfortable in that. If you are unsure about your choice them try out different fittings and perform different moves. This will helps you decide which fitting is best and comfortable for you.


Making sudden and fast moves are a part of JIU-JITSU than then that grabbing and pulling is also common and in such case, wear and tear are common too.

In order to increase the durability of your gi, it is important that the stitching of your gi should be strong enough which can withstand with grabbing and pulling. Having your collar reinforced is also a good thing; however, make sure that it’s comfortable.


Lastly, the design is significant. A person expresses his/her individuality with the kind of style they choose to wear. Some people like flashy designs with a lot of intricate patterns and colors; whereas, others prefer plain gis. Whatever BJJ gi style you choose, make sure you feel good about it.