Body Building – A New Fad

Bodybuilding is the art of building musculature by continuous strenuous exercises. A person who devotes time in this activity and builds heavy muscle is a body builder. It goes without saying that bodybuilding is an art and the results are achieved by continuous hard work and will power. A thorough check-up by a renowned doctor before indulging in body building activity is a must. There could be health issues surrounding an individual, which he is not aware of. This is where a complete health check-up comes into play. A doctor will advise on the body condition and the degree to which strenuous exercises could be supported by the body. Body building is done with progressive resistance exercises to develop muscles and qualify being a body builder. Body builders are often found doing specified poses to develop muscles. Good body building is judged on the criteria of symmetry, conditioning and muscularity. It should be noted here that body building doesn’t mean more intake of food laden with fats. A perfect mix should be maintained in the diet.

Balance diet rich in protein, carbohydrate and vitamins and minerals should be taken to develop muscles and build the body. Along with the diet, proper exercising routine should be maintained and followed. Triglycerides, blood pressure, fasting glucose and bone density should be checked before starting body building exercise. Fitness is not just about looking good, it’s also about feeling fit and healthy. One should be mentally strong to carry out muscle building activities. Start at a small level do away with all unhealthy foods like sweets, starch and fat laden food. Even if one is not successful in the early attempts morale should be kept alive and the process should be continued. Small efforts will eventually prove to be significant and fruitful. For achieving better results one should always surround himself with supportive and healthy individuals. This habit will motivate him to inculcate healthy habits. Every time a negative thought comes into the mind it should be replaced with two positive thoughts to keep the morale high. Bodybuilding has become a fad these days and everybody is involved in healthy routine.

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