Best Spots To Visit In Finland

Finland is one of the best greenish and has natural, beautiful lands of the earth. The country has so much beauty packed in it, plenty of beautiful sites you can find in Finland. It has many attractive points to drag the visitors to the country. Finland may be small in size, but has a lot of beauty in it and so many beautiful lakes. The country has historical importance with advanced developments in societies. As most of the people and children believe the korvantunturi, the place where Santa Claus lives is in Finland for another best attraction. Recently, the number of visitors are increased to see the natural, beautiful sites of Finland. Let now few of the popular sites in Finland.

The Fortress OF Suomenlinna

It was built as the defense fort from enemies, but now this turn into a special historical place for the visitors. The place shows the example of how well European military architectures were special in those days. The fort was built to protect the people from the attackers, but more than it, they named it as fortress savior. The reason for it, it has been protecting the port and homes on buildings from enemies, which makes the Finland protected. This fort has very high importance in Finland history.


It is believed that the place is where the Santa Claus lives, which at north pole said in many tales. Lapland is a town of Santa Claus, the village of Santa Claus is an amusement park in Finland. The Lapland is so attractive, it has a unique appearance and attracting property. The land has covered by the expanse tundra and pine forests, the lakes are in frozen state here for longer periods in a year.


This place is listed under UNESCO world heritage site, it’s one of the oldest ports in Finland. Every corner in this place, you will find a fine wooden carving with spectacular skilled work. It is a 5th largest port in Finland.

Koli National Park

It is another best landscape in Finland, the river flows into divisions which gives a beautiful view for human eyes. The landscapes are very greenish with almost breathtaking beauty, this national park located in the eastern part of Finland. There a lot of different healthy trees, herbal trees, complex trees exists in the forest of Finland. The lands are heavily influenced by slash and burn agriculture method over 250years.