Best Oxygen Producing Trees You Can Grow In Your Home/Garden

                We are in the generation where we can’t even expect or think about the pure air without any impurities. Air has been getting polluted in several ways from past few centuries, now we almost reached a certain level that we may have bought an oxygen in cylinders to stay alive. What about now are we breathing the required amount of oxygen or just consuming the polluted air to survive.

                Still any person doesn’t his own breathing details we just alive by breathing the bad air and impurities outside. When we are outside it is impossible to have a fresh and unpolluted air. So when we have a garden or space at home, we can plant some trees which give a better oxygen contained air for us, having these trees at home will supply plenty of oxygen and keep you healthy. Placing these plants inside home and offices also makes the place pleasant one. Now! What kind of trees can we grow in less space which can produce a good level of oxygen’s.


When you have a chance to grow in the garden or home, one best choice to grow the sprouts. These will plants give the pleasant atmosphere in the surroundings and produces oxygen levels, when you consume orally. It will help us in both ways by just producing the oxygen and food materials, so having them at home a better choice for us.

Areca Palm

It is another best tree which converts CO2 to O2, most of time keeping this plant inside the home will definitely help in increasing the oxygen supply in the air. It will eliminate the impurities such as xylene and toluene, cleans the air. Breathing such less impurities, air will boost our organic work functioning. We have to clean the leaves of the plant as the dust take place on it, this dust will become an obstacle in processing purifying the air.

Snake Plant (local name)

It is recognized as a top o2 conversion plant. This plant converts most CO2 into O2, it is famous for its unique characteristic. Most of the known people about the benefit of this plant will keep the plant in their bedrooms. The reason behind this is because it produces more oxygen and it will supply the oxygen when you have air sealed rooms. Keeping the more no of the plants inside your room makes the scenery very greenery and romantic, the plants usually need to be staying in good height so it produces more oxygen.