Best 7 Tips To Buy A Commercial Space For Your Business

best 7 Tips To Buy A Commercial Space For Your Business

Having a startup is one of the amazing things that you could do at this time and age, as a lot of countries are proving great immigration opportunities and all you need is an expert visa consultant who would increase your chances. Anyways, but the next big thing after having a startup is to grow and decide a nice office location which is very much important because it defines your business identity and tells a lot about the start up.

Getting up and then finding as well as leasing a business space is very much exciting for the entrepreneurs but its equally challenging too. Well, it doesn’t have to be the latter, and it just needs to be exciting because you own a business and doing something that you love. If you are someone who has the right knowledge and the tools then it wouldn’t be that you would have to struggle much in this entire process. But let’s just face it, that no matter if you find this office finding fiasco to be challenging or exciting, however it would always be time consuming. So here are the best 7 tips to buy a commercial space for your business.

Know your space

The number one thing that you would need to keep in mind is to know that how much space you need because if you would be leasing a football ground for six people then it would be just complete waste of money. You should always think that you need a space which fits everyone comfortably and that would be the basic formula.

Always think about employees

You should always consider your employees when you look out for a business space because they would be spending most of their time in that office and that should be comfortable and convenient for them. Getting an office at a central location would be serving everyone, and people would reach their at much convenient times and you wouldn’t have to worry about people coming late.


You should always be open to the idea of subleasing but if you are generating revenue but couldn’t be profitable then you could always get a nice subleased place for a small but yet amazing office space. The short term leases are usually from month-to-month end basis but then there are much shorter too which are then weekly basis. Then the leases are some which even last an entire year so it totally depends on you whether you want to have a shorter one or longer one.

Find someone you trust

Having an agent by your side, would solve so many problems of yours and you wouldn’t even have an idea. But then with great agents, also come greater risks of defaulters so you need to be careful in that. It is very much similar to when you go to a new place and you want to have a nice doctor but couldn’t trust everyone, so what you do is you ask your friends and family who could recommend someone trustworthy and good at their job. And here too you would have to go with the same technique, you can always ask friends, family and colleagues to recommend you good and trustworthy agents.

Setting a shop at the co-working space

If you have few budget constraints then this would be a nice shot for you and it would even save you a lot of money which wouldn’t have been saved if you would go with having a different location of your outlet or shop. There are a lot of locations available which can be rented out and you would be able to have shop there too. It would depend on the co-working location that how much space you would get for the shop and then it would also depend on the nature of the team which is already there.

Choose your landlord wisely

Bad landlords are just like the bad bosses and they could make your life equally miserable which isn’t demanded by any sane person. It is very important for you to find a nice landlord which wouldn’t make your life miserable, but he/she would be making your life easier. The landlord should always be professional and should be considerate towards you too. You wouldn’t want to move in a space where the light bulb doesn’t work or just start to go crazy whenever you are working.

Rent is negotiable

This is the one thing that you should always keep in mind, that rent is negotiable. If you come across a good space and think that the rent is too high, then know that you could always negotiate it and it could be less. So don’t lose your chances over the high rent because that is something which you can always fix and be able to rent the place too.