Benefits To Have Colocation Server Indonesia

Colocation server Indonesia is various. There are so many providers we can find today in this country. Each provider or company has their own strength and weakness. Well, but for choosing the best is not that really hard. You only need to know the general qualifications, services, and requirements they need to have to be the best colocation server in Indonesia. The price is also various, we even can find server that sells their service starts from IDR 599,000, but also can find the one that offer you with IDR 900,000.

When we say about colocation service, then it will cover the leasing of server’s cages and cabinets, the connection to physical infrastructure and to the network, and also covering the monitoring of the system. These cabinets and the entire equipment inside are secured by locked system, which cannot be accessed by other clients. Some even apply biometric and face detection to secure the whole system. It is the client itself who maintain the hardware, what the server does is restarting the system whenever asked by the client. When the client has problem, it is also them who does the fix. Internet Service Providers help the client and colocation server Indonesia with additional service as well.

 There are so many benefits you can get by using the colocation server Indonesia. Having colocations server is great for those who have midsize business, that do not want to manage their own equipment and need people with IT skill to do the in-house work for them. For companies who have this, they want their IT staff to focus on their actual work, without bothering themselves to fix and to maintain the equipment used to support their work. Some colocation server needs wide place for placing and watching the equipment, minimum it is 4500 square metres to 9500 metres. Colocation service needs wide place and also large power to run all the system.

 Some benefits you may get when having colocation server Indonesia are the better road map for recovering disaster. Second, when you want to add capacity of the service, you just need to bring it with quick yet cheap way, whenever you need. By having this service, you will also have better access to the power and space. It is the professional who run and manage your data center, so you do not need to be worry, handling your data on them. The infrastructure they build also can be used for building your cloud system and strategy. There will be people who will monitor the system for you 24/7.

Some colocation server will provide a redundant system to fix problem whenever the system fails. The IT staff has to be stay in around the colocation, then, so that when everything happens, they can fix it quickly. Though the cost low, you will still get high bandwidth with low network latency. Four customers who usually use their service, that are the major enterprises, telecommunication companies, ecommerce sites, and also web commerce companies. Those are the benefits we can get from having colocation server.