Benefits Of Eating Corns

Corns are popular food around the world, it is the healthiest food and most nutritious along with the great taste. There are normal corns and sweet corns types, most of us love to eat the sweet corns much. It most delicious regular food for some people, but some other people only eat them in snack times as an evening snack. Childers, adults, teens, old people and everyone love this healthiest food. In some other regions it is treated as the seasonal fruit, it burnt on coal flakes and eaten along with lemon syrup and a pinch of salt. However, it’s proven already as the healthier food. Now let’s dig into the article how well nutritious is the corn!

Boosts Memory

The corn contains rich levels of thiamine or vitamin B1. The thiamine is an essential nutrition that helps for brains to function to boost up. Acetylcholine is responsible for the memory functions and capabilities in the brain. These Acetylcholine can be produced based on the levels of thiamine, so the thiamine becomes a necessary vitamin for our brain. The loss of acetylcholine can lead into Alzheimer disease. So consuming corns can increase the required vitamin B1 to balance, memory capabilities in the brain.

Anti-oxidant Properties

Many people assume that corns are just plain staple foods but when you know the protein science behind it, surely you will feel very surprised. Corns provide many documented and noticeable anti-oxidants, corn has this unique feature. It has got bunches of anti-oxidant agents like anthocyanins, beta-carotene, caffeic acid, lutein, vanillic acid, protocatechuic acid and zeaxanthin. All these are having different kind anti-oxidant properties combined together comes in the corns.


Corns are rich in fiber content, that’s why we enjoy to eat corn flakes, popped corn, freshly boiled corn and we chew eat time and time. It is a great source for fiber, those who spend much time in eating popped corns will have a great intake of fiber which is necessary for a good digestion. The fiber helps down throughout the digestion process to break down the food easily. It supplies energy to intestinal cells and thereby helps to reduce chances of having the intestinal problems.

Prevention of Anemia

Anemia is the disease that can form with lack of vitamins, when you have, the less levels of vitamins you have a chance of getting anemia, but in recent studies the result says that people who eat corns regularly has less chances of getting anemia than the one who doesn’t eat the corns. The reason behind it is the corns contain different minerals and vitamins, they are packed with multi-type vitamins which are essential.