Basic Web Development Technology

We should be aware of the pace of change in the online world. In reality, not many of us are able to keep up with latest technological changes. We should know how we should design our web-related companies. Many people don’t have an idea on how to build web site. We may know what happen after we have done designing. It is important to have proper overview of our website development. It is also essential to know what goes into our website, such as JavaScript codes or Photoshop-generated web imageries. With websites, we are able to communicate with one another. Although mobile devices have allowed us to communicate well with everyone, it is also important to use websites to disseminate information properly. The Internet is essentially networks upon networks. There is no core of Internet and we are connected to the larger “Internet” network with other users.

There are many web-based technologies, with HTML and CSS often considered as the basic platforms. In general, the simplest webpage is consisted of only basic HTML code that tells web browser when it should start and end the page. HTML doesn’t have the ability to style a page and it only knows how to provide basic layout. It is important for us to know what is in a paragraph. The World Wide Web is a sea of text and images. In its early form, HTML could offer this functionality, but we are not able to expand it further. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are essential to make our pages neater and more organized. It could define elements of all pages with only a single block of CSS code. Even the simplest web browser supports CSS functionality. CSS is considered as a rather radical departure compared to HTML. In this case, the content is effectively separated from the rules. By making simple changes on the CSS code, we could implement changes to every webpage.

Unfortunately, many websites poorly implement CSS codes. In general, CSS has a simple concept and it is intended to set up webpages like Excel spreadsheets. In this case, we will be able to define the width and height of webpages by determining rows and columns. This should lead to nice-looking designs. This is clearly a further expansion of the HTML concept. HTML is essentially a one-cell layout and it is more difficult to manage. Because layout codes are stored in separate files, webpages will load faster. It means that our website will work like a huge spreadsheet. In essence, we should make sure CSS code and HTML all fit together. CSS can be embedded with other important technologies, such as PHP and SQL. PHP allows programmers to write more complex functionality than JavaScript. In fact, it is possible to build a comprehensive web app with PHP. With PHP, it is possible to create a website creation platform, which is often called CMS. In this case, when combined, it is possible to create a system with both PHP and SQL.

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