Basic Information About Implant Dentistry

Basic Information About Implant Dentistry

People who have lost their teeth are candidates for dental implants. There are certain conditions and diseases that can affect the dental implants. Uncontrolled diabetes, radiation to jaws, cancer and alcoholism can affect whether the implants will combine to the bone. Jaw bone requires stimulation for maintaining its density and form. In case a tooth is lost, alveolar bone loss may occur due to the short of stimulation. Dental implants are the best solution for people who have lost their teeth. By understanding implant dentistry people can take wise decision on solving their dental problems. Grafting the bone into the removal sockets when a tooth is lost or removed can help in preserving the volume of bone required for implant placement. There are surgical techniques for regenerating bone that is being lost. These techniques give bone substance to anchor implants. The primary reason to have dental implants is maintaining the jawbone.

Options for Replacing the Implant Tooth

There are three options to for implant teeth replacement. They are as follows.

  • Single tooth replacement is done immediately or after certain period of healing. In this type of tooth replacement an abutment is fixed with the implant. The abutment is a device joining the dental implant to crown that replaces the tooth you see in your mouth. This device holds a crown made from the dental laboratory according to the color of the existing teeth. The crown is screwed or cemented onto the abutment for keeping it in place.
  • Fixed multiple tooth substitution is another option in which temporary healing abutments or caps are placed on many implants. After healing, the permanent abutments or caps are attached to implants. The custom bridge or artificial tooth is cemented onto the two abutments. These teeth are replaced without affecting the healthy teeth that are next to them.
  • Removable implant supported teeth replacement is applied on persons who have lost all their lower teeth. Two or six dental implants are used to support the lower denture depending on the removal restoration design. Removable dentures are mostly used in replacing the extensive tooth, gum tissue and bone loss, thus offering support for the appearance.

Required Dental Implant Maintenance

Prosthetic tooth replacements and implant crowns are failsafe systems. There can be replaced or removed by the dentists. The requirement of understanding implant dentistry is clearing all the doubts and misconceptions about dental implants. Dental implants also require maintenance. People who have undergone implant dentistry should practice good oral hygiene daily and it includes brushing and flossing for controlling the bacterial bio film. Even they should see their dentist or dental hygienist on regular basis. Special instruments are required to clean the dental implants without damaging the metal surface that is beneath the gum. The dentist has to monitor the implants and make sure the implants are stable and the crowns, dentures and bridgework are functioning adequately. So, people have to make regular visits such as once in every three or six months and have an oral examination of their dental system.

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