Bad Effects Of Coffee

One of the most common concerns is whether coffee is suitable for our healthy lifestyle. Coffee drinkers should consider the good and the ugly of consuming nicotine regularly. There are ways to incorporate coffee and tea in our diet. Both contain relatively high level of caffeine and the compound is the reason why people drink coffee in the morning. Caffeine is actually a type of drug and like others, it could have some side effects. Coffee drinkers find it hard to survive the whole day even with only a cup of coffee. In more serious cases, they could suffer headaches as one of the withdrawal symptoms. It can be very hard to kick the habits, especially because coffee can be somewhat acidic. To counter this, we need to eat alkaline foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

If our body is highly acidic, it could attract illness like a huge magnet. Alkaline body usually have more robust immune system and illness is less likely to emerge. Caffeine could also disrupt our adrenal glands and these glands actually produce natural hormone that can give us the physical boost when we need it. Caffeine suppresses adrenal glands and it will become much less active. However, studies show that caffeine could have beneficial effects on people with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson. Many cultures also use coffee to cure certain ailments, although it can’t fix all health problems. In a manageable amount, caffeine should increase our performance and mental focus. It should be noted that green tea can provide some of the benefits, but with much less caffeine.

Green tea is a marvellous drink with a wide variety of benefits. It contains antioxidants that are important to prevent cancer. It will raise our metabolism and help us in fat burning process. To encourage us drink green tea more, we could actually wash food down with some green tea. In general, we should limit our coffee intake to between 2 and 8 ounces each day. If we can’t survive the day without a cup of coffee, we already have an addiction to caffeine. We could gradually reduce addiction of coffee by replacing one cup of coffee with one cup of green tea. Once we can sustain the reduction, it should be possible to proceed by reducing one more cup of coffee each day with green tea. Green tea should help combat our detox symptoms.

If we want to drink coffee, we should drink it blank and don’t add any sugar or only a bit of sugar to make it less appealing. The absence of sugar could also reduce calories intake. Also, we shouldn’t add any kind of artificial sweetener. Flavored creamers and milk shouldn’t also be used. By reducing coffee intake to only one cup each day or even better every two days, we already make the right choice. Sugar and artificial sweeteners are actually acidic and they could further enhance bad effects of coffee. Some cheaper, commercial coffee could have traces of pesticides and other artificial chemicals used during the plantation process. These are things that we need to avoid.