Astrology Tips For Success In Love Marriage

The intensity of the pain, a frustrated lover undergoes, cannot be felt, as loosing the dream-lover might affect the whole life. The guilt or wound of loosing the love-partner keeps possessing your memories until your reunification or demise. Therefore, a lover must strive to win back the lost love, otherwise prepare yourself to haunt your sleeps with incessant reminiscences. However, a true lover would surely make all efforts to get his or her love back. There are many solutions and remedies that can help you to resolve the crisis in your love story.

The astrology offers some of the most amazing remedies and solutions to get success in your love life given your love affair is intact of any false or malign representation or intention. Conditionally, your lost love partner, having similar intensity, also intends to come back to you. Therefore, you are cautioned to embrace utmost honesty when you practice these astrological remedies to accomplish your goal to get your lover back. A lost lover is suggested to embrace the highest standards of self-control and patience. Whenever in love always remember that patience and control are the best solutions. Let us find how love marriage astrology can help you to get your love back:

Astrological Tips To Win Your Love Back

To start with love marriage astrology remedies, win back your love by starting to pray to the god with true emotions. Praying to god emphasizes your claim, which exhibits very effective results. You should start worshipping Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on Thursday of the diminishing moon fortnight. Thereafter, accomplish a 108-bead crystal beaded rosary in front of a picture or idol of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, chanting along, “Om Lakshmi Narayana Namah”. Repeat the rotary for three times before wrapping up for the day. Then, complete the worship by offering Prasada made of sweets, fruits or other sweet edibles. The ritual must be performed with great dedication in a temple every Thursday for three months.

To win over someone, you should worship Maa Durga, offering a red cape or shawl and pray to succeed in your love affair. Thereafter, worship Lord Shiva and offer anointing, or Rudra Abhishek in the form of water-milk-honey-yogurt-Gangajal to the holy Shivaling. You should also offer a flute and betel leaves to Lord Krishna and pray to get your love back. To marry the person you love, you should offer a duly energized genuine-quality Nepalese “Gauri-Shankar Rudraksh” molded in white gold during the waning moon fortnight. Additionally, you should wear a diamond or opal stone, which help in strengthening your love affair.

According to the love marriage astrology, if your lover’s horoscope reveals malefic effects or mars, which is also known as Maanglik Dosh, then consider proper remedial measures to remove the malefic effect. Moreover, if any of you have a horoscope that features the planet positioned in the seventh house, try to address the issue to prevail the peace before you marry your love-partner. You can even refer to our website for online astrology consultations.

In case, you come across any doubt or failure of your efforts, then do contact our online astrology consultation to identify the error in your efforts. Love marriage astrology shows you the right path for success in love and affairs.

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