Are You Craving For Some Glossy PSD To HTML5 Conversion Tips?

The Internet has become one of the parallel worlds that have an existence of its own, with the online population increasing at an alarming rate. In order to pump up this world, we have many schemes and techniques that constantly make it a better place to live. Talking about web solutions, it all starts with an idea which undergoes loads of churning and grinding before it debuts itself on the online platform. One of the eminent steps of this entire process is when the idea gets a platform to be executed. Yes, I am talking about the PSD to HTML conversion stage, where designs are made to speak volumes on the online platform.


We all are aware of the fact that technology has undergone a lot of changes over the years and these changes were for the betterment of human race. The world of web has witnessed legions of inventions and innovations that have graced the world of web with some authentic web solutions. Before the web solutions are made to float on the virtual platform they have to be carved, painted and dented so that it can very well connect with the people. There are certain signs that when followed will guide you to some eccentric results in terms of the conversion services. What are those signs? Read on to find out.

The 4 HTML 5 features that should not be given a miss

With the PSD to HTML5 conversion services being used at a considerable level, I bring to you some of the distinct features that beautifully create web pages using the HTML5 version. Here are some of the distinguished features of HTML5 that every developer should be familiar with.

1. Geolocation

The craze for GPS increasing among all the applications, HTML5 has indebted this Geolocation feature in it with utmost modesty. This allows identifying the location of the user.

2. Web Workers

Having to deal with lumber some scripts to get the functions properly working in the web application? Web workers to your rescue. This feature of HTML makes it easy for all those who are intending to create heavy scripts for web applications without affecting the functioning of a website can make generous use of Web Workers. It carries out the process by using different background threads.

3. Canvas

An HTML element that is used to add graphics to your web pages. This useful element goes a long way in adding a tint of creativity to your web solutions. This feature should not be ignored as creativity is one of the most cherished solutions.

4. Application caches

A great feature when you do not know how and when to get the applications all loaded on the website.

Tips on getting the perfect PSD to HTML5 conversion without spilling the beans

Passionately curious about getting everything perfect in the first attempt itself? Let me make it, even more, easier for you with tips and tricks that are sure to give you results that are far from mediocre in nature.

Stick to being consistent with your designs, as it is one of the most sought after feature when it comes to efficient conversion of the PSD file. When you maintain a level of consistency with the logo, the division of a website and many such essential elements, the conversion process becomes, even more, simpler and easier to be understood.

Keep it well organized. When you know where all the files and important documents have been saved it saves a great deal of time in searching and getting to the desired results.

Always make sure that you are adhering to a general screen resolution which provides the best of results when it makes its debut on the online platform.

A list of relevant tutorials

I am sure these tips would be of utmost importance for your conversion technique. Let me introduce you to some of the tutorials that would boost up your conversion knowledge and elegance.

1. Converting Photoshop Design to HTML – A relevant video that is sure to hold your interest for as long as you desire to be well equipped with the right amount of knowledge.

2. Slicing and Dicing Photoshop design – An infomative video that starts all the way from slicing the PSD files to dicing to produce the best of results. This video takes you through the process that starts from slicing to coding the designs to efficiency.

3. PSD to HTML Shortcuts, Tips for Photoshop – as the name suggests the video is all about shortcuts that make the entire conversion process effortlessly smooth.

4. Others
Apart from the above-mentioned tutorials here are some more to the list that is sure to help you in your conversion process.
How to Code a clean Web 2.0 Style Website Design from PSD
How to Code Rounded Corner Layouts
How to Code a Clean Web 2.0 Style Website Design from PSD
How to Code rounded Corners Layout

Above-mentioned are some of the mediums that you could use to sharpen your axe. Make sure that you do it dutifully so that the final results are never less than optimum.

Final Note

The PSD to HTML5 conversion services cannot attain excellence without taking into consideration the above-mentioned nuances. Web solutions go through a lot of churning and grinding before making it to the online platform. Make sure that each and every stage is very well adhered to with the most authentic tools and means.