Answering The Window Decor Question: Drapes Or Shutters?

For first time homeowners, one of the smallest, yet most significant decor questions when it comes to window coverings is draperies vs. shutters. Many consider it this way – draperies are expensive, and shutters offer instant privacy. However, draperies add a touch of class and make a profound decor difference.

The budget

For budget homeowners, shutters are possibly the easiest and most affordable option. It’s fast and effective to install shutters. But draperies add a touch of personality to your new home. You can consider other affordable fabric options, for a warmth and character – these can be factory-made and purchased. The Shutters Australia team will be glad to assist you in finding the best, most affordable outdoor window shutters for your home decor.

Drapery – a décor benefit

And there is so much more possibility when it comes to drapes, in how they diffuse, or totally block out natural light if required. Smaller windows can use decorative side panels, and draperies can also hide architectural flaws and make a room look symmetrical.

Shutters however cannot be completely ignored. They’re still great for small windows, or perfect for places like bathrooms where you simply don’t need draperies. The window above your kitchen sinks or bathtubs should be economically covered with a shutter – it’s also much easier to maintain.

Ease of use

And for fuss free homeowners who aren’t really the kind of people to manage the gentle navigation of a drapery rope, a shutter is an excellent and sturdy idea. For example, a double hung shutter lets you instantly control the amount of light coming in, while controlling privacy.


When you’re considering a more economical option, remember the hardware for hanging panels, installation costs, cost of pre-made vs. custom made shutters (or draperies), all add up. Therefore, even with a budget in mind, you can use a combined approach, using shutters on some windows (including the bathroom), and draperies where the visual and decorative element is worth it. Your living room, and master bedroom can definitely benefit from draperies.

Keeping in mind the need for energy conservation, another option you can consider are Blackout blinds for rooms that use a lot of indoor light. Dark solid shades like blue are used for blackout blinds, which fit close to the window frame within vertical “runners”. An Interlined Roman blind is another new popular option, known to hug the window better than a curtain, checking heat loss.

Climate control
In the winters, rooms lose a lot of heat through its windows – this can be up to 30% of heat through draughts, via doors and windows. Shutters are powerful in checking heat loss – they can check loss by 50%, or even higher! In the summer, they are effective at keeping the heat out, and keeping your room cool during the months when air conditioning is necessary.  For this, you must insure that the shutters fit perfectly against the window frame for an insulated air space.

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