An Alternative To Smoking Cigarettes

An Alternative To Smoking Cigarettes

Breaking a habit is extremely tough, and it is really hard when it has to do with giving up nicotine. Yet, many people do try to stop smoking in order to be able to be healthier and to save money. They also realise smoking is tolerated less and less in most public places. Vaping is becoming a very common alternative. This involves getting some nicotine absorbed into the body, but without actually smoking.

Absorption Rate

The amount of vaping you do will vary based on the level of nicotine you already use. Some people are content to make the change and they don’t have any plan to completely giveit up. Their only goal is to no longer rely on cigarettes. For others, the goal is to slowly cut back the amount of nicotine they ingest into their body. They will eventually stop, but they have tried going cold turkey before and it just didn’t work out for them.

The amount of nicotine offered with an e-cigarette is measured in terms of mg/ML. The amount used will vary based on your personal needs and also based on the products being used because they don’t all have the same overall functionality. The products being used also influence the amount of nicotine that actually gets into the bloodstream.

Twelve mg/ml is recommended for those who smoke often and use large amounts of nicotine in the brands of cigarettes they use. Six mg/ml is a good starting point for those who smoke moderately and use cigarettes with a moderate amount of nicotine in them. The 3 mg/ml are great for those trying to wean themselves from nicotine completely.

These are just starting points though and then you can modify them as you need. The goal should be to take in the least amount of nicotine as you can, rather than the maximum. The goal is to start out with a low amount and only increase the amount if you really must. Once you find your balance point, strive to reduce your use of nicotine.


The use of e-cigarettes seems to help those struggling to reduce their mannerisms relating to their goal of cigarettes no longer being part of their daily routine. People get so used to having a cigarette in their hand it can be very difficult not to do so when they give up the habit. Replacing it with an electronic model can still give them that feeling so their hands aren’t idle. Stress and anxiety can really be an issue for some people when they discover they just don’t know what to do with their hands.

Some people worry about eating more and gaining weight when they stop smoking too. With an electronic device in their hand, they feel they have the security not to do this. They aren’t picking up food just to have something to do with their hands. How well any of this works depends on the person and their mental connection to having that cigarette in their hand. Typically, the longer a person has smoked, the more likely they will need such behavioural modifications to help them get over the hurdles ahead.