American Dialogue With Taliban For Peace In Afghanistan

The Taliban in Pakistan seems to be planning to get stronger after it merged with three other terror groups. Abdul Samad who was a prominent leaded with the international terror group al Qaeda and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi will be leading all the groups involved. Commander Qari Ehsanul Haq as well as Commander Qari Matiur Rehman and Commander Muhammad Shamir are the three leaders of the groups involved. Pakistan has been seen international assistance to help fight the insurgencies that have terrorized the government and the innocent civilians. The groups had split late last year.

The Taliban that has worsened the political situation in Pakistan has also spilled in Afghan. Afghanistan has been seeing long war that the negotiations are being held to see the end of it. Thousands of people have lost their lives since the year 2001 when the terror group was ousted and many are still losing their lives even when the negotiations are still ongoing. The group killed about 18 security officers even after the talks in Gulf. The war has affected Pakistan with some of the civilians taking refuge in the country. There have been several meetings held by the insurgents as well as the United Nations and the Afghan government representatives. The war has been highly politicized to a point that some believe that some politicians are supporting the Taliban insurgents in the fight. In the last one week, for those that have been watching  have seen that there have been talks in Qatar about the insurgents opening their political office there. 40 delegates are said to have attended the talks that ended last Sunday and were held by an international organization known as Pugwash.

Since Ashraf Ghani the new leader of the country took over the office, he has given the dialogue between his government and the insurgents a top priority with several of them being held. During the meeting, it is said that even the representatives of Gulbadin Hekmatyar’s Hezb-e-Islami the former leader of Mujahideen were present together with 8 Taliban representatives. On a report that was released on the ground is that the Taliban side released a statement while the government side is yet to release one although the agreements from the dialogue were outline. Each of the sides has its own demands that they want met so as to see the end of the war.  While one of the agreements was for the Taliban to open the political office in Doha, the Talibans made a demand that all the foreign forces should leave the country and this is the only way that the insurgents can ceasefire.The peace process of dialogue was telecated live here The insurgents also said that them being referred to as terrorists and having sanctions imposed in them are some of the things that have slowed the process towards peace and all this should be withdrawn. In response to the issue of foreign forces being in the country, the government representatives said that the forces that could be seen in the country were trainees and that those involved in the fight had already left the country.