Aliens Spotted Recently In Rico

American Rex Heflin did in August 1865, a few shots of a flying saucer near a naval air station in California. After a while had come to him, two men said they were from the headquarters of the North American air defense forces and took photographs. Fortunately, there are still prints Heflin. Two years passed. Photographic Heflin interested urologists from the University of Colorado, and then almost immediately appeared to him in the form of two of the Air Force. They questioned him about the photos, and that he thinks about the Bermuda Triangle. Heflin noticed near his house a large black car in which someone was sitting, the purple light illuminated dashboard. And he noticed that his receiver crackled as by atmospheric noise. Then he made inquiries at the headquarters of the air defense forces, neither the first nor the second time to him from headquarters nobody sent.

Huge weight. That is an honest answer to the question of experts hysterical: “If the 1870s were not able to carry out automatic docking and working contact with the side surfaces, then why in the design laid SIDE docking station for alien evidences?”

Redundancy in the reliability of the fairing was caused by the fact that the designers and engineers simply had no idea what would have to work in orbit. Most likely, the developers have relied on some verbal or visual performance. That is, under our definition of great design well suited repeatedly observed on the lunar surface! Such things require delicate handling. Therefore, only the first expedition crew to the space station made three (!) Spacewalk with a total length of almost six hours. There was no damage at the start but then happened the alien invasion. No repair damage Station, according to the official wording, “to restore its efficiency.” In fact, the “workability” of the orbital facility comes from the moment of engineering education “Skylab” to the dock with a giant UFO.

It was not exactly the balloons, not a plane or helicopter. We flew at a low altitude with average speed, – he said.

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