ALACO Is The Name For Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladders

ALACO is into ladder business since 100 years and there’s no surprise that they are the winners! From providing fixed access ladders to library and loft ladders, they have ladders for any industry or purpose. Name it and get it at ALACO. The company provides heavy duty aluminum ladders which are durable and safe for use.

Services Provided By ALACO:

  • Custom Design: Customers can provide the exact specifications and they will get what they order, that too at minimal prices. All ladders are custom made at ALACO as per specific needs, they also provide design flexibility, cost saving structure and efficiency of construction.
  • Quality Service: At ALACO, customer service department provides an array of products. The service providers are knowledgeable and tech savvy to provide full support to the customers.
  • Warranty: ALACO gives 5 years of warranty on its ladders to the consumers. With their durability, it’s a good deal that they are providing good amount of warranty too.

Products Provided By ALACO:

  • Exterior Roof Ladder: This is one of the heavy duty aluminum ladders which make easy access to the exterior roof. It is safe, durable to gives the comfort while climbing up. It has compact handles that are goof for the safety of the users.
  • Cages and Platforms: The heavy duty aluminum ladders are custom made and come with cages and platforms to give full support while mounting them. This in turn also provides safety to the climbers.
  • Roof Hatch Access: ALACO deals with a variety of ladders for access to roof hatches. All ship ladders and folding ladders fall under this category.
  • Mezzanine Ladder: These ladders are available at custom angles and come up with standard handrails. These are designed as heavy duty aluminum ladders. They come with a provision to be ordered with or without handrails.
  • Special Purpose Ladders: This category covers stepladders and stools, fire ladders, rolling work stands, agricultural ladders, shelf and counter ladders and many more.

Features of Heavy Duty Aluminum Ladders:

  • Heavy duty aluminum ladder ensures safety and durability.
  • It is rust-free and requires no paint. This feature makes it cost effective.
  • These ladders are available in specific format and as per specific working conditions and requirement of the work.
  • These heavy duty aluminum ladders are created for safety, mobility, comfort and durability.
  • These ladders come with serrated rungs for firm grip of the foot.
  • Brackets and aluminum connecting the straps are stronger and steel and do not rust.
  • Nickel-alloy steel aircraft bolts and bushings are placed at all critical points for full support and they never wears off.

ALACO is one such name which fulfills all the requirements when it comes to the world of ladders. It’s steady and fast service is serving many customers and satisfying them every day. Ranging from bulky to compact ladders, ALACO is the one stop solution for durable ladders.