About Help Desk Online Software and The Ways Of Its Improvement

helpdesk online

It is always hard to run a business. When a company is growing, the number of its customers – along with their questions, requests, and complaints – increases too. And that would mean that you’ll have to put a strain on your client service team, so that the rate of customer satisfaction could be up to par. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep the customers, and sooner or later your business will fail.

Today, we are going to look at help desk online platforms – the systems aimed at automation of most daily tasks customer service agents have to perform. These solutions help the reps sort out and manage requests, answer repeated questions automatically, select urgent issues, monitor closed tickets if necessary, and so on.

What Is Help Desk Online Software?

In general, the term ‘help desk’ is used to denote the tool, which ensures customer satisfaction. Naturally, there are different types of help desk online platforms – and their characteristic features depend mostly on the industry and the size of the companies they are designed for. If we think, for instance, of an enterprise, here helpdesk refers to a certain place where information technology is located. It’s where customers call or email in order to get the help of the company’s specialists.

In some organizations, this function is performed by a person who helps the clients solve various problems. In larger firms, the customer service departments consist of several agents who know how particular software operates. It tracks all the questions, requests, and claims, analyzes them, readdresses certain tickets to other departments, and so on. As a rule, such platforms perform a number of tasks, which makes the work of the whole department much faster and easier.

Bpm’online is one of these solutions. It is the cloud-based CRM-oriented software with a variety of tools for successful management of business processes, clients’ requests, changes, opportunities, and other aspects of a company’s life. Implementing such software, businesses allow their employees perform a number of tasks automatically and thus, free time for other tasks. On the official website of bpm’online, you can watch the videos about this software, try the free version of the platform, or contact the managers of the software company.

How to Improve Your Help Desk Online Solution

Any platform of the kind is based on the system of tickets. The emails and customers’ feedback sent to your client support center are automatically converted into tickets. Your agents can track them, link them together if necessary, or readdress some of them to other departments. The ticketing system is especially convenient for software providers: they can track bugs and errors by clients’ reports. Later, the technicians of such firms check the errors denoted and fix them.

As for the companies bearing no relation to computer products, for them help desk online systems are rather the platforms for intercommunication with existing buyers and prospects. Generally, these solutions are user-friendly and easy-to-operate: they do not require technical knowledge from support agents and customers. All what they have to do is to track clients’ requests and respond to them as efficiently as possible.

In order to make the most of the implemented Platform, follow the given Pieces of Advice:

  • Do not lose time – focus on immediate reactions and prompt responses. Remember, each client wants his issue to be resolved as quickly as possible. Even if you see that the given request demands much time, keep the customer informed about its progress. In this case, he’ll be sure that you are actually working on it, and will have no complaints against your company.
  • Do not forget about training your staff. Every new solution demands some practice. Naturally, most platforms are easy to work with and some of them have useful tutorials. Nevertheless, it is very important for the client service departments to conduct short training with Q&A sessions when implementing a new help desk online
  • Encourage your clients’ self-service. Make your website maximally informative and comfortable for the visitors. Place all the resources they may need – FAQ, knowledge base, tutorials, etc. – in a prominent place. . Make sure, your clients will see all these hints, as it will save you the necessity to answer the same repeated questions every day.
  • Monitor results of your work. It may seem obvious, but still many of us forget to measure the progress of the client service team. In the meantime, it is very important to check who of you agents have good results and who need to work harder, what is the time of the first reply to a buyer’s request, how quickly are the tickets solved, and so on. Your second step is to decide whether you are happy with these numbers and come to a decision about your further actions.
  • Improve constantly – everything and everywhere. If the customer satisfaction rate is less than 100%, you should take steps to improve the situation. It is the key goal of your work – and you must do your best to reach the objective stated.