A Guide On How To Lead A Gluten-Free Life

According to the latest statistics, coeliac disease affects approximately 1 in 100, and with unclear symptoms, many sufferers have been incorrectly diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, or another medical condition that has similar symptoms. Once a person has been diagnosed with coeliac disease, they would naturally be quite concerned, with images of a crippling disease that will worsen over time, yet the truth is, as long as you avoid gluten, you can live a perfectly normal life.

Online Communities

The first thing to do if you have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease is to start reading about the condition. There are many websites with information for those who cannot ingest gluten, and by joining an online gluten-free community, you will feel reassured, as there are any sufferers who are not limited in any other way than avoiding gluten in their diet.

Dietary Advice

Any website dedicated to coeliac disease would have valuable information of diet planning, and if you do suffer from this condition, creating a diet plan that is gluten-free is essential. If you live in the UK, you will get a prescription allowance that helps you to avoid any foods that might contain gluten, and with the right dietary advice, you can plan a healthy and delicious menu package that ensures your intake is gluten-free. There are websites that have handy diet planners, and once you have created the perfect diet plan, it is easy to print and with online suppliers of gluten free products, your dietary intake will be both varied and tasty.

Eating Outside

While we can easily make sure there is no gluten in our food when we prepare it our self, eating out can pose a problem. More and more eating establishments recognise that coeliac sufferers need a gluten free option, so expect to see many gluten free item on the menu, and some places actually have a separate menu for coeliac sufferers. At first, it is easy to forget we must avoid gluten, but after a while, it becomes second nature, and many people report that they have no problem locating restaurants that cater for sufferers of coeliac disease.

Gluten Free Breads

If you are like most British people, bread is an integral part of your diet, and rather than avoiding bread altogether, there are many online stores that sell gluten free bread, and also pharmacies that stock gluten free breads and other wheat based products.

Knowing What to Avoid

By joining an online gluten-free community, you can reap the benefits of other sufferers’ experiences, and with their help, you will soon realise that your life doesn’t have to change in any dramatic way, and by learning how to detect foods that contain gluten, you will soon get into your new routine.

There are many websites that are dedicated to helping sufferers with coeliac disease, and once you have learned about how to avoid gluten in your diet, you can effectively plan a gluten free plan that ensures your life will remain unaffected by the disease.