A Few Common Procedures from The Plastic Surgeons

A Few Common Procedures from The Plastic Surgeons

Sometimes the things we were born with just aren’t the things we want. Sometimes a life event can change something and we want to fix it. And sometimes things just change as we get older. Whatever the cause or the reason, sometimes we just need something fixed. That’s why people visit the plastic surgeon. Whether it’s a breast lift, liposuction, a nose job or a face lift, people have plastic surgery to feel and look better. Usually the two go hand in hand because for most people, when you look better, you feel better.


Whether you broke your nose when you were a kid playing softball and it never healed just right, or you’ve always been self-conscious about the size or shape of your nose, rhinoplasty (or simply a nose job) may be the thing for you. This is one of the most popular and common facial plastic surgeries in the United States. This isn’t only a cosmetic procedure, but it can also help with breathing problems, birth defects and injuries (like the broken nose).

As for the procedure, it usually takes around 2 -4 hours and usually requires general anesthesia. The recovery period lasts for a couple of weeks and there will be bruising, swelling and discoloration around the eyes and nose. Because of the swelling, it will take a few weeks to see the effects of the rhinoplasty.


Liposuction is another common cosmetic procedure that has gained popularity in the past few years. This isn’t a quick fix for the overweight, but instead an alternative for those with stubborn fat pockets that won’t go away with diet and exercise. The fat is basically vacuumed out of the body. It’s best for people of average weight struggling with certain areas, like the stomach, “love handles,” thighs and even neck and chin.

This procedure is either done in office or in the hospital, and like rhinoplasty, will have some swelling afterwards so the effects may not be seen right away. You may need compression garments to prevent excessive swelling. Though the fat won’t return, liposuction cannot keep you from gaining new weight. Healthy eating and exercising should be a good part of your life to maintain looking fit, even if you do have a few stubborn areas.

Breast Work

The breasts are one of the areas on the body that get a lot of attention, even from plastic surgery. Whether it’s an augmentation or a reduction or a lift, breastwork is becoming more and more common in the United States. An augmentation (or implants) will give women larger, fuller more rounded breasts. A breast lift will remove excess skin and tighten the tissue to raise the breasts and add a more youthful look.. Many women seek these procedures after a major weight loss of having children. A breast reduction will decrease the size of the breasts. Some women need this for medical reasons; others choose to have it to make them more comfortable.

Any breast work is major surgery, and you’ll need to allow for recovery time. Because breasts change over time, many women feel that with breast work, they will have a more youthful figure and feel better, so it’s worth the recovery time.

Face Work

Face work consists of face lifts, chin lifts, eyebrow and eyelid work and more. As people age, all places begin to sag, even cheeks, eyelids and mouths. A little lift here and there can add a more youthful appearance and help people feel better and improve signs of aging. Whether it’s brows, cheeks or eyelids, a bit of facial surgery can go a long way in helping you feel younger. Like other procedures, recovery time is necessary, and there will be swelling and bruising, along with the need for bandages. Be patient as true results may not be apparent for a couple of weeks.

Cosmetic surgery has become more common place with lower prices and easier procedures. For some people, the better they look, the better they feel. Plastic surgery can do a lot for well being, confidence and over all self-esteem. We can’t do much about getting older, but there certainly are things to do to avoid looking older.