A Complete Guide To Buying Loose Diamonds

A Complete Guide To Buying Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most prized precious stones. People often spend their lifetime’s savings to buy diamond jewelry pieces. However, making a good buying decision is not possible especially for people who haven’t bought diamond jewelry before. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to buy loose diamonds of high quality:-

What Carat Range should you Select from?

This is the most important point that you should keep in mind while buying loose diamonds. That’s because carat weight has the greatest impact on the price of a loose diamond. Moreover, carat weight is great importance as it will decide the size of diamond that you are going to buy.What are your lady love’s preferences? Is she expecting a 3 carat diamond? Will she be disappointed with a 2.50 carat diamond? These are important factors. In case you cannot ask these questions to her freely, then it would be a better idea to talk to her friends.

Diamond Shape

The next important factor that you will need to pay attention to is to find out what is the exact shape of a diamond that your girlfriend likes.Consulting her friends would be the best option for you in such a situation. She is likely to have talked about it with one of them before. If you don’t get a suitable answer, and you want to give her a surprise, then the safest option for you to go for is Round Brilliant.

Most of the diamond shapes that are usually round shaped. If you are buying it online, go to sites that follow a one-month return policy. This will make sure that if you make a wrong choice, and your order is close to the date of proposal, then you can send it back and buy something else. However, keep one thing in mind. The shape of a diamond can affect its price. Round brilliant loose diamonds are usually more expensive as compared to other shapes. The major reason behind this is that diamonds of these shape are produced in lesser numbers from rough as compared to others.

Quality of Diamond Cuts

Cut quality is another major factor that you will need to focus upon. It has a good effect on the price of loose diamonds. Choosing a cut quality is often tricky as cut grades aren’t standardized. There some vendors only provide a cut grade on their diamonds and provide a certificate’s cut grade based on it.On the other hand, there are vendors who don’t pay much attention to the certificate’ cut grade. They use their pattern of cut grades based on the measurements of loose diamonds. So, whenever it is possible, you should use certificate’s cut grade over the cut grade of an individual site.