There is another model in present-day Western Christian worship that is developing in numbers far quicker than other models, the Mega-Church. While the immense numbers and rate of numerical development are noteworthy, this style of worship and association has huge disadvantages with regards to discipleship. We’ll cover what is a mega church, and what is Christian Discipleship.


The megachurch is the mainstream name for huge houses of worship that are springing up everywhere throughout the Western world. As the name suggests, these are not just huge temples, however, have a normal week by week participation from 1k to 30k or more. They’re not community holy places, yet local chapels, where individuals come from 50 miles away and more. The havens of a portion of these services situate upwards of 10,000 at any given moment. Many stadium seating with beverage holders and headphones outlets to get the teachings converted into various dialects. The asylum is normally simply part of a large grounds that incorporates classroom structures, pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, and so on. Regularly, they have valet parking service and transport administration from the parking areas to the haven and different focal points. In view of their size, these mega places of worship can give a wide assortment of administrations for Christian groups of various kinds and sizes.

Unfortunately, on account of their size, megachurches are about as close as an expert basketball game. You can envision, if the haven seats 10,000, the 6th grade class (for instance) may situate 200, Lord, help the instructors! To motivate something near friendly cooperation, you’d likely be one of the 150-200 ministers, yet at that point, you may be so locked into the institutional attitude and the break-neck pace to most likely methodology Christian closeness.

Distressing doesn’t start to depict the experience. After around 4 years there, the Lord moved me to a superior paced service duty. By and by, my experience as a megachurch minister persuades there’s too little open door for full of feeling service and an excessive amount of authoritative obligation. The sheer quantities of individuals make it more like grouping cows than contacting individuals with the significant and personal experience of Jesus. In any case, this is by all accounts the pattern in the cutting edge church, in this way, we should check whether we can take this mega-church thing and figure out how to inject cozy discipleship into the procedure.


Discipleship, instead of prevalent thinking, isn’t instructing. Instructing is to discipleship what biting is to eat, you may get a taste however regardless you will starve to death. You need to swallow, digest and utilize what you bit or it does you a whole lot of nothing. You can’t be shown discipleship; it must be gotten by individual contact with individuals who are living it. Jesus went through 3 years living with the 12 followers. They went where He went, rested where He dozed, ate what He ate, and saw each word He expressed and moved He made. Indeed, even after He rose, the standard teaching strategy for a long time was little, private gatherings who spend the greater part of their lives together. We’re tricking ourselves in case we think an hour or two every week spent hearing to somebody talk comes anyplace close discipleship even in case we’re taking notes. What is required is little personal gatherings, where Christian living is the center point, instead of lecturing or educating.


Henry Glen has been concerned in serving people with life and family problems full-time, since the year 1989, He also founded Christian Discipleship in NewYork in 2011, to provide help and guidance to people who are facing issues in their life and has lost their way towards Jesus. Henry also loves to write and read religious books to enhance his knowledge.