8 Essential Things To Develop A Great Church website

With an increasing number of people using church website surfing these days, the web designers are taking in a lot of efforts in making these websites worth browsing.

This post tells you about 8 essential features or things to look into any church website:

  • Basics in place

The first mandatory things that a church website should have are all the basics in place and simplicity in terms of browsing and accessing information. First, thumb rule is not to unnecessarily clutter the website with useless information and keep a lot of space for easy navigation. One of the best church website designs come from ShareFaith. Visit them to know more.

  • Proper contact details

Best church website always has their contact information available and are pretty quick with revert on any query. 24 hours is the ideal time to get a reply on any query from the church and this should be an important consideration while picking best church website.

  • Refined graphic details

Graphic detailing is one of the distinguishing factors in any good church website. Aspects such as background images, color, font, color scheme, logos, layouts, images make a great difference in putting a great website together. Ease of readability to the users, use of graphic features to present images and information is another crucial factor in making your website stands out.

  • Relevant information

One of the important points to notice is that maximum visitors to the website will not be the members but outsiders. It is essential, then, to keep all the relevant information at one place like staff names and their titles so that they know who they will be meeting along with their pictures so that visitors are comfortable in approaching the specific person with their query.

  • Calendar

Putting together an online calendar with all the events, announcements listed is the best features to have in a website. This will keep everyone updated on the recent happenings and meetings without missing anything or having to keep a manual account of events.

  • Archive accessibility

To benefit members and also visitors, posting sermons on the website is a great idea. This especially helps the visitors researching the website before paying the visit. Making audio available online of the preaching is also worth considering while finalizing your website detailing.

  • Social media presence

Including links to the social media profile ensures more visitors and visibility of the church website. Social media channels should be active as the increasing numbers of people are using the medium, making it very important to tap.

  • List of belief statements

To make it easier for people moving towns or places, it is always wise to list the statement of beliefs on the church website. It helps people decide as per their preferences. This becomes important because the beliefs might be different for a Methodist and a Baptist church but making it transparent helps people, a great deal.

With so many options of the church website, do your own research and select the best based on transparency, ease of navigation and usability.