When summer hits the climate, there are a two things that obviously come up in the minds of people, cold water, and cotton apparels. We all have different ways to beat the heat, some like to pack their bags at every possible opportunity and run to the nearest hill station, whereas the others invent ways to look cool by experimenting with their wardrobes.

I am sure, most of us fall around these two things to relieve ourselves from the hotness in the weather. The fabrics chosen to wear in the summer season play a very important role along with the choice of apparel.The fabrics should be soft and breathable whereas the style of the garment should be such that it allows proper ventilation and air for our skin to breathe.

Unlike other apparels, maxi dresses are the most common women dresses that women long for during the season. These costumes, make them feel more comfortable, airy and stylish no matter how much harsh and hot the climate is. These are mostly loved for their easy-breezy looks which not only help the women feel cool and calm, but also create a perfect outlook for the season. Stylish Maxi dresses for women even limit the skin exposure and keep the body protected from tan and so are considered perfect for any summer event, from picnicking at a beach to hitting the local shops.

Having a maxi dress in your closet really accentuates the wardrobe collection, but when you a good number of maxi dresses then it accentuates your overall personality. Latest dresses need to be updated frequently in the wardrobes and for this maxi dresses for women are becoming one of the fashion staples for the summers. Having eclectic selections to suit your palate is a nice idea to enrich your wardrobe. From prints to daintiest blooms, from boldest stripes to single hues, from shiny embellished textured detailing to cotton broderie or pleats all have got their own aesthetic value and thus need to be donned for the summer season.

Who doesn’t love online shopping? Browsing apparels and other accessories at a convenient time and making payments at the same time in few clicks and having the products delivered at your doorsteps is the easiest and convenient way to shopping for latest dresses. And for women dresses, online shopping websites proves to be a great medium. The range, material, quality and prices that are available online are unbeatable and thus, it offers a great help to all those shopaholics to have their classy and sexy apparels within no time and reduced effort. So is the good news for maxi lovers as Stalkbuylove, an online retail portal for women dresses and accessories have got the ultimate must-haves maxis which women could live in all summer long!

So let me take you to the list of must-haves maxi dresses for women which are really uber chic and stylish for you to don this season.


Maxi dresses are one of that most commonly used women dress which is being followed since ages and by all women irrespective of their profession and age. But with changing times, the trend and styles for the latest dresses has changed and so are the maxi dresses. Today, the season calls for the following styles of maxi dresses for women which suit every body type and enhance the silhouettes:-


Choosing a maxi dress for the silhouette is not that arduous as it seems for other dresses, but definitely going for a wrong option could ruin the overall personality. A spaghetti maxi dress is one of the stylish pieces of maxi dresses which could be donned by any kind of woman with any body type. Also, while the summers reach the peak hotness, the skin tends to get more bare and thus spaghetti styles suit the season perfectly.



The Navy Georgette Maxi Dress is one of the coolest styles among women dresses which a lady could wear for those hot peak days of the season. The front pockets allow you to store your required accessories while the lightweight fabric gives you a cooling effect all day long. You are all ready to go for an evening date with your beau as soon as you slip in and add a pair of your fabulous heels and an embellished clutch.


There are a few women who hesitate to expose their skin off and some hate to get tanned in those hot days despite scorching heat of the sun. But these things do not restrict them from trying stylish and elegant maxi dresses for their fashionista look. So full sleeves maxi dresses for women are a nice alternative for them to try on their silhouettes and get ready for the events.



The Black Maxi Dress is one of those alluring outfits that hug the body nicely and give you a slim slender silhouette look. The black teamed up with combinations of gray make it a worth buy for the night events like casual dinner parties or for hitting the streets late night for a casual walk. Just team it up with you choice of heels or flats and get ready to roam.


Summers and flowers have a great combination, either you see natural flowers or the flowers used up in the latest dresses of the women, both have an eye-appealing effect. Thus, wearing women dresses with floral prints especially in maxi dresses make it a much cooler and stylish outfit.



The Floral Print Cotton Maxi Dress is one of those styles of women dresses which anyone would love to adore for the season. The color contrasts in itself is a huge a full-fledged attire for any garden party with friends and family. The combination with a solid colored top, the floral skirt does not have anything which could be termed as overdone and thus allows the lady to use it with slight accessories along with the same.


While you plan to have a maxi dress in your closet, the summer always calls out for prints and patterns and solid colored maxi dresses for women are ruled out. But these are one of the most elegant and sophisticated dresses which could be donned all the year round to elegant parties, barbecue dinners and for love dates.


The Navy Crepe Maxi Dress is a one such aristocratic piece which creates the perfect outlook for the evening occasions. The glittery belt at the waist offers you to highlight your sexy waist while you get clothed in the costume. The free flowing skirt eases your movement and grace while you socialize at the event and the sleeveless cuts tons down the solid tone of the dress as it gets a contrasting effect with your skin shade. Just wear the silver heels and you are all set to rock the dazzling party with your family.


As the maxi dresses are always welcomed in spaghetti styles for the summer day outs, the night time calls for halter neck styles which are much more clever and comely choice of trying at a party or any other social event. Halter neck styles allow you to show off your collarbones and shoulders for a much elegant appearance.



The Cotton Maxi Dress in a deadly combination of mint and black is one of the perfect styles to accentuate your flattering figure for that social event you have been waiting for. The elegance spelled by this dress is truly a must-have piece for maxi dresses among the latest dresses’ collection. The criss-cross straps at the back allow you to flaunt the back in a killer style yet looking graceful and glamorous.


Maxi dresses for women do not need to be restricted to a few subtle and elegant shades, it should even be extended to embellished designs for a change. The embellished maxi dresses act like evening gowns which could be used for wedding occasions and formal parties with office colleagues to have a distinctive outlook than casual business days.



The Black Sequin Maxi Dress is the perfect choice that one can have for an evening date or a social gathering. The sequins in the dress glam up the beauty of the attire while the black shade and long slit at the front make it a perfect attire for the night time. Teamed up with black pumps or pencil heels, the figure flattering dress would bring much applauds and appreciations for you.


The last but not the least style among maxi dresses for women which one should try this season is a lace maxi dress. Laces have always been into fashion from Indian suits to sarees to western tops and now even in the maxi dresses. The lace dress gives you much more finish in the outlook and a graceful appearance for the event you wish to don it for.


The Red Lace Maxi Dress is created in the finest fabrics to offer you a soothing effect for the season. The Soft shades of red knit lace made in the high rounded neckline and sheer cap sleeves are a sensuous and stylish piece of garment which gives it a polished and refined outlook. The flared skirt, fully lined creation, stripes at the front to accentuate the waist, together create the magic for lasting compliments throughout the evening.

One thing that I have learned about Maxi dresses is that they just fit perfectly in every setting from formal to informal smoothly. The options to choose are endless, especially from the ones available online these days.

So, ladies do not waste more time, the season is half gone and still half to go, try out a few styles from the aforementioned list at different occasions and events and look for the figure flattering maxi dresses for your body type which would grace your presence at the social events.

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