7 Incredible Ways To Make Your Law Firm Refer You!

As an attorney, there is a lot of potential for growth through referrals of all kinds. Client referrals clinch the first place in this regard since if they recommend you, it means that they happy with your work and are confident that you will deliver. However, a more rare kind of referral is one that comes from another fellow attorney. This type of referral is known as lawyer-to-lawyer reference. However, in order to get more business, a one-dimensional approach will reap nothing. So, a well-thought out plan has to be executed. While most attorneys may think a happy client is very likely to pass on the referral, it is not a common occurrence. Thus, all lawyers need to be on their toes.

Here are some effective and efficient ways to make sure your business is going in the right direction:

  • Spread Word Of Mouth:

Every time you provide someone with your services and things go as planned, do not assume that the clients will on their own start giving referrals. Always ask them to do so. Tell them to refer you to their friends who might be in need.

  • Introduce Yourself:

If there is some business you have set your eyes on, do not hesitate to pounce on it. Be confident and introduce yourself to whoever you think is in need of your services. You do not need to wait for them to ask what you do. Dive right in and save time.

  • Networking Is Key:

Create a network that includes local contacts, interest groups, service clubs and other professionals that are not related to your field. In other words, network with the kind of people who might need to avail your services.

  • Advertise:

Often times, reputable law firms are in search of lawyers that are not a part of their firm. This happens when a special need arises which may circle around a client conflict or that they do not have a specialist for the kind of case the client has brought. To make sure you avail such opportunities, advertise yourself in legal newsletters and publications and other websites or firms that might need your help.

  • Build A Great LinkedIn Profile:

LinkedIn is a highly professional networking platform where you can exhibit your experience and even be able to get business. So make sure your profile highlights your services as well as your key attributes that set you apart.

  • Work For Free:

Helping people for free or pro bono is another way you can network with the right kind of people or get introduced into the right circle.

  • Give Some To Get Some:

Another method is to refer other lawyers to people you are unable to cater to or is out of your field of specialization. In return, you will get referrals from that lawyer every time he/she comes across a case he/she is not interested in or doesn’t have the time to pursue.

With the above mentioned ways to market yourself, you are sure to get more exposure and subsequently, more business.

Mark Higgins is a marketing major and plans to open up his own marketing agency. He has had to go through some legal difficulties pertaining to family matters and found great help at djpsolicitors.com.