7 Delicious Mutton Recipe Options

7 Delicious Mutton Recipe Options

There are endless recipes when it comes to mutton. One can try different permutation and combination of spices when it comes to preparing mutton dishes. Here are some delightful variations.

Malavani Mutton

Malvani Mutton Curry is another non vegetarian delicacy which is mouth-watering. Spices are poured in this dish and thus it tastes fiery hot. The meat pieces taste lovely as the juiciness of it is retained.

Mutton Kebabs

Kakorikabab was previously made in the name of Dargah of Hazrat Shah. Prepared with mutton legs it is served with khoya spices. Shammi kebab is another variety which is made of minced meats and chopped onion, coriander, green chillies. It is served with pudina chutney and lemon juice. Pasanda Kebab is again a lamb meat preparation which is grilled and marinated. Seekh Kebab on the other hand is a traditional Mughlai cuisine, which is made of minced lamb meats. During the Nawabi Era, it was a hot favorite dish of the Nawabs. Lamb meats are marinated with lemon juice and hot spices before grilling in medium flame. The dish is served with ring onions, green chillies and spicy pudina chutney. Boti Kebab on the other hand has yogurt as its main ingredient. The lamb meat is marinated in yogurt for at least an hour before it is grilled with medium spices.

Khatta Mutton

Khatta mutton or sour mutton on the other hand is cooked with pomegranate or lemon juice which brings a tangy taste to the dish. It is cooked with burning charcoal and is soaked with mustard oil to make it taste delicious. This is a delicacy that arrives from the kitchen of Jammu.

Laal Maas

 It is a traditional meat dish of the state of Rajasthan. Mutton, hot spices and a lot of red chillies are the main ingredients in this dish. This dish is not for the faint hearted as it is very spicy.

Mutton Paya

This specific mutton dish has a lot of Indian spices in it. It also enhances the flavour of the meal. If one is planning for Biriyani or Zeera rice for lunch or dinner then this one is a perfect combination as a side dish.

Kolhapuri Mutton Rasa

As the name suggests Kolhapur, then one should know that this place is famous for using chillies in their dishes. Almost every dish they cook is hot and spicy. This one is also not an exception and is absolutely not for those who cannot handle spicy dishes. The dish is full of dried red and green chillies but the taste of this dish is out of the world.

Chettinad Mutton Kulambu

This is a delightful dish for those who love to eat meat. Kulambu is a Tamil word which actually means gravy. Here the mutton pieces are small and they are cooked in masala filled gravy. But here is one catch. The masala has to be in the right quantity to make the gravy perfect. Mutton Kulambu is definitely worth a try.

One can also try other delectable recipes in mutton.