6 Awesome Health Benefits Of Eating Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese was made hundred years ago in France. The process of cottage cheese preparation is quite easy and everyone can do it at home. You can use sour milk and keep it under the room temperature until healthy bacteria from the milk become proteins or casein coagulate. Nowadays many people don’t use raw milk. We use the pasteurized milk instead but anyway you can use this milk to make this superfood.

One cup of cottage cheese (1%) has 163 calories, 2 grams of fat and 28 grams of protein. It is considered one of the most useful foods for health as it contains enough calcium and proteins. Here are 6 great advantages of cottage cheese you should know if you really take care of your wellness:

1. Weight Loss

Many people include cottage cheese into their ration as it can help to lose weight due to low fat content. Those people who consume dairy products as yogurt, skim milk and cottage cheese can easily reduce their belly fat and shed some pounds than those people who only have three meals per day. The best way to use it for weight loss is to consume it as a great substitute of high-fat dairy products. It is an excellent idea for healthy breakfast and starting a new day to lose weight effectively. You can spicy up this meal to add some fruits, berries, jam or honey that can be more beneficial and can be a good substitute of sugar.