6 Advantages That Video Conferencing Can Bring To Hiring Process

6 Advantages That Video Conferencing Can Bring To Hiring Process

Human resource is the most important dimension of any business organisation. It is the department that provides the most important resource pool, i.e., the human resource to an organisation. Human resources are what makes the difference, even if different organisations have all the updated equipment and financial resources it can be the case that some organisation will outperform others. The difference in organisations outcome in terms of performance is due to the nature of Human Resources available and to be more specific the discrepancy is due to the functional capacity of the HR department. Henceforth it is essential for HR to stay updated and innovative in performing its function. From  Applicant tracking systems (ATS), Mobile recruiting tools, Gamification, Collaborative tools, Location technology to Video conferencing are the tools that have reshaped the process of hiring. All the just mentioned IT solutions have contributed in helping the Hr to accomplish their task with efficiency.Here we will highlight the advantage that HR can receive from video conferencing.

True Personality Assessment-

If the HR opts for an interview via video conferencing than there is greater and relatively more accurate assessment of candidate’s personality. In face to face interview candidate is more prepared with certain deceiving techniques. The accurate assessment is possible because in video conferencing process the candidate will not be able to judge the perceptions of interviewee and response would be more honest and spontaneous.

Less Time Consuming :-

Using video conferencing in the process of hiring is very convenient to save auspicious time of HR and candidate. In face to face hiring process, the schedule adjustment and time management is tiring activity. Video conferencing removes this obstruction of schedule adjustment.

More Feasible  –

Video conferencing is more feasible to the various dimension of hiring process. Sometimes it is difficult for candidates to meet in person the employer, as the physical distance is huge. Similarly for HR going with the process of video conferencing enlarges the pool of candidate available to choose.

Fastens the Decision-making Process –

Once you take interviews on video conferencing and record them you can share the recorded footage. Various concerned managers and departments take decisions after viewing the footage. Instant response help in winding up the hiring process with successful results.

Increases Transparency: –

Video conferencing is a more transparent way than other methods of hiring. With the function of recording it keeps a track of all the recruited employees. Video conferencing results in reducing the risk of corrupt practices.  As people who are qualified are more in numbers than jobs, this imbalance results in the rise in corrupt practices. Video recording the process of hiring will prove the credentials of both recruiter and candidate.

Innovation and updated HR Team; –

Technology gets updated on daily basis. Mostly it is assumed that HR does not need technological upgradation. This assumption now may end up in creating a regressive human resource pool. Operating with an advanced technology will draw the attention of motivated and skilled candidates as they will be willing to apply in an organisation that believes in updation and  innovation.