5 Ways To Wow College Admissions Officers

5 Ways To Wow College Admissions Officers

College admissions officers are people just like you and me. Sure, they hold some serious power that can help shape your future but that shouldn’t make you nervous or intimidated. Not all of them are going to be easily impressed either, you may have had amazing SAT scores and participated in every possible program and activity in high school, but chances are so did fifty other applicants. If you really want to wow the admissions staff, keep it simple. Do the little things, pay attention to detail, and just be yourself. Believe it or not putting your best foot forward takes little more than common sense and just a little bit of personal flair. Here are some surefire things you can do to give yourself an edge.

1.Be Prepared

There’s nothing less impressive than someone who has walked into a meeting unprepared. When you have an opportunity to meet an admissions officer, you want to make the most of it. So be prepared to engage with them in a meaningful conversation about the school for whom they are making decisions on admissions. Remember, they may be interviewing you about who you are and what you might offer to the school roster, but they are just as much on the spot as you are. Ask questions that show you are truly interested in the school and you’ve done your homework about the institution ahead of time. Get to know them as much as they get to know you.

2.Be Presentable

The way we dress says something about each and every one of us. Putting forth an image of how you see yourself and how you want others to view you will go a long way towards making a positive impression on admissions officers. This doesn’t mean you have to hide your individuality either but I think we all know that meeting someone for the first time in a T-shirt and shorts is not the way to go. You don’t have to show up in a three-piece suit either. Chalk this one up to common sense.

3.Be Unique

Make a memorable impression by showing admissions representatives who you really are inside. Answer questions thoughtfully and reveal yourself to them in every way possible. Don’t give stock responses that you think they will want to hear, tell them what you really think. Stay positive but you can also be critical. Believe me, these people have seen and heard it all before and they will know if you’re being genuine or phony in order to impress.

4.Be Confident

There’s no reason to be nervous, even if this is the number one school above all others that you absolutely must be admitted to so help me God!! If you have the scores, the experience, and the grades for acceptance than all you need left is to show them you are, without a doubt, the perfect candidate for admission in the Fall. That comes with confidence and self-assurance. Just don’t overdo it or they’re likely to think you’re cocky and that can be a turn-off.

5.Be Prompt

Don’t show up late. Seriously. Get there early just to be safe. There’s no worse way to make a first impression with the admissions officer at New England College than arriving ten minutes late.