5 Technologies That Will Make The World More Eco-Friendly

5 Technologies That Will Make The World More Eco-Friendly

It is an exciting time for environmentalists and planet lovers. Eco-friendly technologies that save energy, water and the soil have abounded in the past decade. Most of these technologies also have great benefits in creating an easier and more efficient workplace or home environment. There are three areas where eco-friendly technology has vastly improved life while saving the environment. These are in transportation, in industry and in the home.

Transportation-Making it easier to track mileage, drive more economically and find directions

In the transportation field, there has been a decided drive to create onboard systems like the GPS to help drivers track their mileage and find the most direct route to destinations. Trucking and shipping companies quite often utilize GPS enabled technologies, like FieldLogix, to track driver’s mileage and help them route vehicles to their destinations.

Fuel efficient cars and all-electric vehicles

New technologies have increased the fuel efficiency of both cars and trucks. Improvements in gas emissions and air pollution due to changes in cruise control, tailpipe emissions and eco-navigation have decreased pollution causing particles in the air. Biofuels and natural gas have been substituted for the traditional gasoline with some success. All-electric vehicles however have more of an impact on the environment by eliminating the need for fossil fuels. This has saved the planet in natural resources and by cleaning up the air.

Wind and Solar energy to heat homes and businesses

As important as it is to save energy nowadays, two fairly recent technologies have filled a need for sustainable living without wasting energy. Wind technology has had its drawbacks in the past. Wind turbines are ugly and are prone to destroy wild fowl that inadvertently get sucked in. Newer technology has eliminated the blades without decreasing the energy generated.

Solar power has been effectively used in a variety of applications to power homes and businesses. Solar panels that look like regular shingles are the latest innovations to create both energy and light. Buildings that are equipped with solar panels are proven to generate eco-friendly energy that saves companies thousands of dollars in heating costs.

Wind technology can also be utilized and is sometimes combined with solar power to generate energy to run electronic devices and utilities.

Harvesting the rain to conserve and save water

It makes good economical sense to conserve water, especially now when droughts are becoming more frequent. Rain water harvesting tanks designed to collect rain water are becoming increasingly popular as new technology has made it possible to distribute water economically.

Water efficient appliances can also save water. More and more businesses are investing time and money to ensure that they are eco-friendly. In turn they are discovering that along with saving the environment that they are increasing their revenue.

Let there be light and other energy saving technologies to help the environment

Lighting technology has evolved in the past twenty years. Energy saving devices designed to improve efficiency in the workplace and at home have also evolved. LED lights are now a “must have” in any office and home environment. Energy saving devices includes features that decrease energy consumption while increasing efficiency. Some of the more efficient models of industrial machines eliminate the need for human contact and run on electric power generated by the sun or wind power.

The key to all this eco-friendly technology is the fact that these new technologies will create a cleaner and healthier future for all of us.