5 Stunning Temples To Visit In Ranikhet

5 Stunning Temples To Visit In Ranikhet

Known for its mesmerizing beauty and a famous tourist spot, Ranikhet in Uttarakhand is dotted with many stunning temples, which give more weight to the town’s tourism. If you happen to visit Ranikhet, irrespective of the fate you belong to, do visit these temples.

The Jhula Devi Temple and the Ram Mandir – The famous Jhula Devi Temple is by far one of the oldest and most ancient temples in Uttarakhand, constructed back in the 8th century AD. This beautiful temple is located about 5 kms from the central area of Ranikhet. Goddess Durga is the presiding deity of the temple, who is also one of the most powerful Goddesses. They say that if one ties the holy bells to the temple’s walls, whatever they wish for will be granted by the Goddess. If mythological accounts are to be lent an ear, the temple was constructed to seek protection for Goddess Durga from the wild animals which lived in the nearby forest. They say that Goddess Durga appeared in the dreams of a young shepherd and asked it to excavate one idol from a spot and then constructed a temple on that same spot. Along with this temple, you can visit the Ram Mandir, which too is as popular as the former in the Kumaon hill. It is located on top of the Jhula Devi Temple and the presiding deity is Lord Rama.

Hajrakhan Dham – This is the ashram that belonged to Hajrakhan Baba. He was a famous saint, who lived in the town of Hajrakhan in between 1970 and 1984. This is about 5 kms from the main city of Ranikhet. It is a very spiritual spot where people from all the different religious come and are embraced equally.

Mankameshwar Temple – Mankameshwar Temple, another famous temple, was built by the Indian Army’s Regimental Kumaon Centre, in the year 1978. The main presiding deities of the temple are Lord Shiva, Radha-Krishna and Ma Kali. The location of the place is simply magnificent and enjoys a very pleasant weather all through the year. Also, near to the temple, is a famous Gurudwara and also several factories of woolen garments.

Binsar Mahadev Temple – Located at an average distance of about 15 km from the main city of Ranikhet, close to various hotels in Ranikhet, the very popular temple devoted to Lord Shiva has a beautiful stream flowing down in its vicinity. It is surrounded by thick cedar forests. The place is beautiful and so is the temple.

Sun Temple (also called Katarmal) – One of the most ancient temples of Almora, the famous Sun Temple located at Katamal is about 900 year old. The temple is enveloped by 40 small shrines. The main temple is known for the ancient exquisite architecture and wonderful carvings made of stone, which adorn the wall. The temple is about 25 km away from the city and also easily accessible from the Ranikhet resorts. This is a kind of an excursion from Ranikhet. A must visit!

So, the next time you visit Uttarakhand; do not forget to pay a visit to these beautiful ancient temples.