5 Steps to Decluttering Your Home

5 Steps to Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering is more important than you think. When you take the time to declutter your house, it will improve your productivity and the cleanliness of the home. When there is plenty of open space everywhere, then it is easier to get things done. Clearing space on your desk, for example, will make it easier it is to focus on the work you are doing on your computer without the distraction of pens, notepaper, and coffee mugs surrounding your laptop.

By removing distractions, clutter, and obstacles from all the space in your home, whether it is your home office, kitchen, or laundry room, you will become more productive and focused. You will complete whatever tasks you are doing in a room efficiently, such as organizing your finances in your home office, cooking a gourmet meal in your kitchen, or doing your weekly laundry. In short, after you declutter, you will feel better and be more organized.

Set a Date and Time to Declutter Your Home

To declutter your home, decide on a date and time when you will declutter and make a list of everything you will donate or throw away.

A schedule, a goal, and a plan will stop you from procrastinating and help you in taking action.

Make 3 Piles

It may seem overwhelming to organize your home, but it will help you make the most of the rest of this year. If you keep your home clean without getting rid of unnecessary things or tidying, then the clutter begins to pile up.

Go around your house and sort things into three piles. Create a pile of things that you intend to keep, a pile of things that you want to discard in the dumpster, and a pile of things that you want to give away or donate.

Fix Broken Things

As you declutter, clean up, and tidy up, you will probably come across things that you never got around to fixing. Perhaps, for instance, you need to call a repairman for burner service or hire someone to replace the broken window latch.

Get Rid of Big Things

Often clutter can occur because you bought something new, say a new piece of furniture or an appliance like a dishwasher or dryer, but did not know what to do with the old one. You may have done the same with small things too, like clothes, trinkets, old papers, etc.

The purpose of this decluttering step is to free up some space in your home. Call a junk removal company to get rid of that old sofa or dishwasher and donate all the clothes you never wear to a thrift store.

Put Things Back Where They Belong

Now that you have cleared away all the things you did not need any longer by decluttering, purging, donating, and giving away items you no longer use or need, the last step is to put things that you decided to keep where they should be.

The most difficult thing about decluttering is just getting started. Since it can seem like a tedious idea, one that could take a whole day, perhaps a few days, it’s easier to procrastinate than to take action. If you visualize how your home will look after decluttering, it will motivate you to decide when and how to do it.