5 Simple Hacks On How To Master Safe Driving In Sydney

Australians are probably not the worst drivers in the world, but some have little respect and care less about other road-users. Driving etiquette is important not only because it makes traffic more organized but also because it promotes safety. This is why all drivers as well as delivery driver Sydney are supposed to practice driving etiquette to ensure their own and other people’s safety.

It is no secret that car accidents may happen at any given day and time, which is why it is crucial for any delivery driver Sydney to practice safe and responsible driving. However, unfortunately, not all drivers prioritize safety and tend to care less about the welfare of others. It is extremely important to follow not only traffic laws but also driving etiquette in order to maximize safety in traffic.

  1. Do not text while driving – Distracted driving is becoming one of the most common causes of traffic accidents not only in Australia but in other countries as well. Studies suggest that a driver that uses his cell phone or other electronic device is very likely to get involved in a traffic crash as his focus is compromised. Traffic safety experts contend that texting drivers get their eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, increasing their chances of getting involved in an accident by at least 23%.
  2. Give space – Tailgating is another major factor in the rise of car accidents in the country. Tailgating is not only a showing of poor driving etiquette but also potentially fatal. When there’s no safe distance between two vehicles and the first car experiences issues, it is very likely that the second vehicle will slam into it. When two vehicles are too close to each other, the driver of the second driver has limited reaction time, which puts him and the other driver at great risk in case of an untoward incident.
  3. Drive sober – Drunk drivers are at great risk of getting involved in major or fatal traffic accidents. Alcohol impairs your senses, motor skills, logical thinking, and reaction time, which is why it is very dangerous to operate any heavy machinery like vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. While traffic laws are implemented throughout the country, some drivers seem to care less about their safety and the consequences of driving under the influence, resulting in countless alcohol-related accidents. If you had too much of drink, driving your own vehicle should not be your option.
  4. Turn off high beams for oncoming vehicles – A common pet peeve among drivers is other drivers who do not turn off their high beams for oncoming traffic. While high beams are very important car feature, especially during pitch dark night, they can also cause accidents. Drivers of oncoming vehicles may get temporarily blinded due to high-beamed headlights. If you are driving at night, and you encounter an oncoming vehicle, it is recommended to turn down your headlights to avoid causing accident.
  5. Stay on your lane – Changing lanes too often is unnecessary as it will not save you significant amount of time. Unsafe lane changes may save you a minute or two, but it could also put your life at great risk. It is important to stay on your lane as much as possible in order to avoid crashing into another vehicle or going off course. The rule of thumb is to take hints from line markers for guidance. Any Australian road has line markings to convey safety information to drivers, and following this marking, you can be sure that you are safe from a traffic disaster.

Car accidents can be effectively prevented if you make your contribution. By following all traffic rules, subscribing to driving etiquette, and respecting other drivers, you are contributing so much to the efforts to promote traffic and public safety.