5 Restaurant Menu Design Tips to Maximize Sales

Your restaurant menu is about so much more than simply listing what your establishment has on offer and how much these items cost. It is like a tour inside your restaurant, where you have the chance to really let the customers know about your food. Its design can influence how much customers spend and how they perceive your establishment. Here are some tips for designing a restaurant menu that will entice customers to spend more money.

Put Drinks First

When most people sit down to a restaurant, the first thing they usually want is a nice tasty drink. Sure, the round of water is standard in most places, and some may stick with just that, but most people would prefer something with a bit more flavor. Putting your drinks right at the forefront of your menu will increase the chances of people ordering one. Everyone knows they can get a soda without even checking the offerings, but they may not know about your other more pricey items, such as your fresh fruit juices or delicious shakes.