5 Reasons To Move Your Maintenance Management Software To The Cloud

5 Reasons To Move Your Maintenance Management Software To The Cloud

The last few years have seen many businesses migrate from in-house based software products to those which are utilized via the cloud.  This is not just from a desire to keep up with the latest technology; there are many excellent reasons for businesses to make this move.

Maintenance management software is essential to many businesses to allow them to control the flow of work and provide the best possible service to their customers.  The best versions of this software are designed to allow you to store customer information, acknowledge and allocate incoming maintenance work; whether to a member of you own team or a sub-contractor.  Firms such as CSOne offer an easy to access maintenance management software package which is based in the cloud.  Switching to this type of package will provide the following benefits:

  1. Productivity

Having a tighter control on which jobs are coming in, where your staff currently are, and who is closest to a job, will allow you to make more efficient use of the time available. You will also be able to run a variety of reports which will display any trend for any given employee; whether good or bad.

  1. Accessibility

Any software which is stored on the cloud can be accessed wherever you are; all you need is internet access and either your laptop or a mobile device.  You will then be able to remain up to date with all staff movements, new jobs and the progress of existing jobs, as well as monitoring time taken to complete a job and even following up on a job.  All of this can be done, regardless of where you are, in a few clicks!

  1. Better Marketing

Having all customers on your cloud based database will ensure you have all their personal details; name, address, email address and possibly even their phone numbers.  This will make it much easier to complete follow up marketing.  You may wish to send a thank you survey after you have completed their job successfully.  Alternatively you can use the information recorded in the software to send a more targeted marketing message based upon the service they have used.

  1. Speed

Cloud based software is much quicker to load and start using as there is no need to load the program onto your local computer or server.  You simply create an account and register for the subscription fee and then start using it.  As mentioned, this provides access to the maintenance management software no matter where you are.

  1. Back-up

One of the most important things that every business needs to do is to back up their business records.  This means creating a schedule and a hard copy of your data which can be kept off site.  Your information will only ever be as good as the last back-up you have.  The cloud provides a safer, easier to use alternative; every piece of information saved onto the cloud is automatically backed up the cloud suppliers; even if your office were to burn down you would be able to retrieve all your information and carry on trading.