5 Interesting Porch and Deck Plans You Must Give A Try

5 Interesting Porch and Deck Plans You Must Give A Try

Summer is around the corner and what is better than getting your home that much needed makeover it deserves. If your house did not come with a deck and porch or patio (and you really want one!), it is time to get your creative minds running to build one. No matter where you are, there are plans from Maine to Deck plans in Kentucky, to suit your needs. We bring to you the top 5 most creative ways to get your deck and porch designed which will optimize the space and deliver to you an amazing looking addition to your home.  

1.Parallel front porch – Nothing is more classic and amazing as the parallel front porch which we all have been seeing since our childhood. Building it often costs less than $20,000 and accentuates the look of the house to a whole new level. You can sit and relax on a calm evening or read your favourite book out in the porch, the use of this unique space will fit whatever your need is!

2.Screened porch with a gable roof – This remarkable looking porch idea is one of the easiest ones to build and chances are that you might end up building it yourself! This glass topped porch adds a sense of warmth and class to the building and makes space for anything you wish! From Yoga to Dinner and from reading to house parties. (Rainy days make it a perfect spot to go with a cup of coffee and your favourite book!)

3.Screened Porch with a Shed Roof – This beautiful deck design suits small houses the best and can be seen all over America. This small yet really comfortable design costs less than $12,000 to build and can be completed in a short span according to how you need it.

4.Gazebo Shaped Porch – If you live in an old house and want to give it a makeover which will uplift the whole style statement, this porch is just the right fit for you. This unique and stylish, Gazebo Shaped porch increases the value of the house and makes spaces for a great family get together. You can expect to pay up to $15,000$ for this kind.

5.Patio + Deck + Screened Porch – Do you want to add a touch of class to your home? Here you are then! This combination of Patio, Deck and a Porch is all you need to get the vibes running. Is is raining outside? Just stay inside and watch it pour. Do you want to eat outside? Sit at the table on the deck and enjoy your food, watching the sunset. Do you have kids who wish to play outside? Let them do so on the patio in front of the deck. There is this certain agility of the design that makes it a unique choice.

We hope you liked our plans! We know that creativity is unique and you can mix up styles to get your fit! So do get yourself the right plan! Godspeed.