5 Great Reasons Why You Should Get Motorized Shades Today!

Look around yourself, technology is everywhere! Every aspect of our lives today is governed by technology; work, play, home, you name it! Technology has made our lives so much simpler and convenient. It feels weird to even think of a day without using your cellphone, or your microwave.

One more aspect of our lives where technology has entered is our home design. Our gates, our doors and even our windows these days are motorized. Talking about motorized windows; don’t we all just love them?

We all want a little natural light inside our house to light up the room. The view of the beautiful sights outside is a welcome relief after a hectic day. Motorized windows ensure we could make the most of all these simple things in life, along with the added benefit of ease and convenience. No wonder more and more people are warming up to the idea of automated windows. More than simply an addition to the already wide variety of shades available in the market, motorized windows have taken the shape of a necessity every modern house should have.

So, why are motorized shades such a popular choice? What is it about them that has given it this ‘necessity’ status? Let us find out:

Motorized Shades are All About Convenience

And I can’t stress this enough. I know we all love the vintage charm of throwing open our beautiful windows, but what if the shades are too big for you? What if there are more than one of them? And worse, you are just too tired to go through the whole routine of shutting and lifting them up!

Motorized windows are the best choice for convenience. No matter how large your shades are or how many they are, with the push of a button, your work will get done. Automated shades  are good for rooms where furniture tends to block the windows. If yours is a second storey opening or if you have skylights in place, you now know how to fix the issue!

Motorized Shades are a Good Security System

Your motorized shades could also be doubled up as an effective security system. Modern automated shades are implemented using the latest technology. Along with your home’s security system, you could also preset timers on your shades as well. The preset timer would ensure that your windows close and open at the allotted time irrespective of your presence at home.

Too much Sunlight was never a Good thing

Too much exposure to sunlight could be bad for your home decor. It upsets me, for sure, to see my beautiful furniture faded from its original color and my collection of exquisite artwork all cracked up. Not to forget all that warped flooring. Just think of all the renovation expenses you could save on simply by installing good motorized shades.

They Aid in Energy Conservation Too

The more exposure to sunlight your room gets, the more hot it would be. And you do know how excess heat could mess up your home’s cooling system. With motorized shades, you simply need to preset timers to bring them down at specified intervals. It will help take the heat off of your air conditioner too!

No More Tangled Wires Lying Around

Till the time you have multiple shades and no automation, your floor would be a canvas for multi-colored cords and wires. These cords not only bring down the aesthetic appeal of your home, but are also a major threat to the safety of children and pets walking around.

Automated shades mean no more tangled maze of cords lying around. These make your home a safer place where your kids could move around freely without the risk of getting caught up in the wires.

In light of such amazing advantages, it would be wrong not to place motorized shades a class above all its counterparts. If you are still not convinced, just imagine how elegant your home would look when you switch those manual cord operated windows with some impressive automated electric shades.