5 Fitness Apps For People Who Hate Working Out

There are those of us who know that we should get in shape but the idea of working out scares us to the bone. You know you should start working out, but you are just not motivated enough to start doing it. These five apps will convince you to get off the couch and hit the gym, or just move around some more. If fitness is not enough motivation for you, then these apps are just what you need to get in shape for summer. If you are the kind of person, who does not work out yet you know that you should keep reading.


Those who made this app knew what motivates human beings the most, money. With Gympact, you could get paid for working out. A community of the app users bet five dollars to ten dollars that they are going to stick to their workout routine. Those who do get rewarded while those who don’t stick to their workout routines lose their money. Progress towards your weekly goals is tracked using the phone’s motion sensors for movement and GPS for gym visits. Start exercising and make a few extra dollars.


If you are someone who wants to get active without having to commit to a single repetitive fitness routine, then this app is exactly what you need. Breaking tech news claim that the app tracks a whole range of movements, in and out of doors, from dancing in front of the mirror to walking on the pavement. Any activity done by the user counts towards a daily goal of 30 minutes in motion. Those who get extra busy can set the target upwards to an hour or 90 minutes. On the occasional inert days, the app automatically prods its user to get active.


This is an app that is designed for those who are a bit more competitive. If you get motivated by achieving and breaking records, then this is the app for you. Fitocracy awards point to the user for every workout that is recorded. Significant milestones are rewarded with badges. There is a social network of more than a million users where you can interact and show your success as far as fitness is concerned. Interestingly, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a member of this social network. Good points, public recognition and connection with the Terminator should be enough motivation for you to work out but if they are not, the app also allows you to hire a personal trainer at the cost of one dollar a day.

Couch to 5K

For those on the couch end of the spectrum, couch to 5K may sound like an over-ambitious goal, but the app makes it very achievable. The training starts gradually and gets harder as you adapt to it. The run time advances from one training session to the next. There are audio cues from the personal trainer that encourage the user to push a little longer than the previous session. If you stick to the program, you can complete a 5-kilometer circuit within the period of nine weeks.

Type n Walk

Most people lack time to work out since they are always lying on the couch texting. If you are a text addict who wants to get in shape then you have no excuse why you should not. Type n Walk is an app that uses the smartphone camera to display the path immediately in front of you in real time. The user can compose texts and emails against this moving backdrop. This combined with peripheral vision is enough to help the user avoid obstacles.


With all these apps, there is absolutely no reason you should not be exercising. They will help you to start taking care of your body and give it the attention it craves. Most people can now get healthier and stop feeling guilty for neglecting their bodies. Working out can now be an incredible experience where you have companions to guide you along the way. All you will need is your smartphone and then pick the app that best suits you. Get off the couch and start getting in shape.

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