5 Excellent Food Choices For Your Health

5 Excellent Food Choices For Your Health

Whereas once upon a time man would work the soil and raise animals in order to provide himself with all the necessary nutrients, nowadays people rely almost exclusively on shopping to get things done. While not bad per se, this habit has led to a great divide between the things we love to eat and the things that are good for us. But there are still plenty of items out there that are as delicious as they are nutrient-rich. With that in mind, here are five top quality grocery items that you should have no trouble stocking up on:

1. Produce

Where would healthy eating be without a  substantial dose of those yummy fruits and veggies? Luckily, there are enough of them out there that it’s practically impossible to not find at least some produce that you can fall in love with. What’s more, fruits and veggies as a whole are absolutely chock-full of vitamins and valuable nutrients, often with little in the way of calories. Healthy choices include bananas, mangoes and all types of berries on the fruit side of the equation, and potatoes, spinach and broccoli on the veggie side.

2. Meat

If you like to enjoy some meat in your regular diet, make sure you stay away from  meat types that are heavy in fat. Among others, this means abandoning your average garden-variety ground beef and going with leaner cuts of meat instead. Other great options include skinless chicken or turkey breasts, as well as a large variety of fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and trout. Also remember to stock up on specific condiments that can dramatically improve the flavor of your chosen meat.

3. Dairy

Unless you have lactose intolerance, dairy products are probably a mainstay of your diet. That being said, you shouldn’t go overboard with the whole-fat variety of cheeses and butter, especially when using them as ingredients in various meals. The same goes for milk and yogurt, where fat-free varieties are always preferable. Although not really “dairy” in the strictest form, tofu can be an excellent cheese substitute for vegans or for people who simply want to try something new.

4. Bread

While pure white bread’s popularity isn’t what it once was, plenty of people still enjoy the texture of bread, especially at breakfast. The trick here is to go with healthy wheat bread that contains whole wheat and at least 3 to 4 grams of fiber. Alternatively, you can opt for pita pockets or whole-grain tortillas, but remember that, when it comes to bread, limiting yourself to a couple of slices per day is always a good idea.

5. Snacks

Ok, so even after you’ve got the main meals of the day figured out, you’re still going to find yourself craving a snack now and then. Luckily, there are a plethora of options available for the discriminating consumer. These range from nutrient-rich nuts like almonds, cashews and unsalted pistachios to peanut butter and whole-grain crackers. You can even throw a little bit of chocolate in there, as long as it’s low on sugar and heavy on the cocoa content.

That concludes our rundown of some of the healthiest foods available on the market today. No matter if you’re a health nut or simply someone who’s looking to spruce up their diet, the aforementioned grocery items are bound to have a positive impact on your overall diet.